Run Run Rudolph!

Three R’s in a title means… ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AT ALL! ROCK IT ON Mammajamba! Hey hey hey we want a pitcha not a glass a watah! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh run run Rudolph keep running like a merry go round Yeaaaah!

It’s late, leave me be in my sanity. = P heh heh.

Seriously though, what a wild week it’s been. I’ve lost, I’ve gained, I’ve filmed, I’ve eaten, and I’ve even driven to read. All in one week mind you. Hachacha. Huh. What a week. Who’da thunk it. Approximately one week ago I had a conversation with None and a part of of our history had an ending added to the tale. This, is NOT one of the happy things I’ve written about above. Again, NOT.

Since that event though, many wonderful things have happened… So I’m going to relish in them as I like the peppy side of things and I’m becoming my optimistic me again. T’hehe – feels good. I filmed a short film for a student from SLC (Stephanie D) titled “Punch line” in which I played ‘Andy’. An overly confident partygoer that doesn’t pay attention to anyone else but himself. The shoot took only 4-5 hours instead of 2 days as was the original plan. We all smiled at this. Q-ball and Emma joined me on the shoot. Sadly Avenga was going to go too but her family made last minute plans to visit her here in NY so she ditched me. = o Booooo! 0=)

After some relaxing time – read a nap – Emma, ADAWrinkles and I hit the streets of NYC to get dessert. Emma and I ate at a REALLY cool Japanese Restaurant – Shiki Sushi web site. Edamame… mmm! After the meal we were brought shots of sake and cups of green tea! FOR FREE! WTF is right! I told the waitress, who only spoke snippets of English; most of her dialog was in Japanese, that I didn’t drink. She put it in front of Emma and said “Okay.” Emma offered it to the table next to us since it was too much for her; the guy took it and mumbled something. I just nodded and agreed. After we ate Emma repeated what he said about the sake which went something like this “Yea, I’m on and off the wagon myself.”

= O

I had no idea he said that! I said “Yea, mmm hmm.” to that. Yup, I’m on and off the wagon now. LOL. Fun fun. SO dessert was AWESOME! One of Alice’s favorite places and understandably so! Tremendously wonderful snacks. Expensive, but mm’y. After that the three of us walked and talked for about 3 hours until it was time to go to Z-land.

End weekend. Voila!

The other night, Monday, was the SLC Sports Banquet. The food was… edible but not very filled with taste sadly. The attendance felt strange to me thinking back. There were probably more men in the room at one time than I have ever seen on campus. I had no idea there were that many men at the school. At least 10 from the basketball team, and say 10 more for the tennis team. Oh, Q-ball and I were there too… 22-ish? Give or take a few maybe. All the rest of the tables… 9 tables seating approximately 10 ppl each… 70+ women. Yea, very strange feeling looking back on it. The evening was filled with very little energy which probably had something to do with the ULTIMATELY cold rain. It was So cold and So grey. Bah.

Wow, I just wrote a whole lot… almost done.

ED! Ed W. He calls, I answer. The Witch on Blackbird Pond is FINALLY being done by New Zenith. It’s taken FOUR years, but it’s happening. Only through a reading, but it’s happening. = D Tonight I trekked up to CT to rehearsal and found myself back in the Playbox. It felt like going back to me mudda’s. Such an inviting space. I missed it. =`) Tear of joy. I got back and found myself energetic and felt I should tell someone this… YOU! BWAAAHAHAHA! Thanks for reading, now go find another hobby. Z-land calls again. The hippy, hippy, shiny! “YEAAAAAAAAAAAH!” Howard Dean in the house!

05-05-2004 12:51 am

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