Sat Sat Sat in the more-nin

It’s early (ish). Okay so it’s not early. The time is 1057 and I’ve been screwing around with the code so that all of you (read you monkeys) can only see the theme I want you to see. I’m happy now too because that is now the case. Nyah!

Something I haven’t written about yet deals with the November. Sun. Warm. Pool. I will be able to experience all of these during T-day week because I’m flying down to FL for the break! MWAAAHAHAH! Totally gonna rock because of the company and the break.

Ah yes, LOTR:TTT is kickin ass! I’ve finally gotten through a couple weeks of comics so I was able to pick up LOTR:TTT again. Lemme say this – Gimili got the short end of the stick in the film. There should have been a mention that he killed more orcs than Legolas. That’s right 42 vs 41 in Gimli’s favor! Hell, he even found the answer to the ultimate question by doing so

Alright with that I’m going to get ready for rehearsal – Equus presented by New Zenith Theater.

09-20-2003 11:07 am

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  1. Damn right the company rocks!!! Hell Yeah!!! 🙂

    Originally posted: 09-20-2003 10:21 pm

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