September 2001 – 09/12/2001

Reaction A friend from Japan had this to say after reading my E-mail…

Hello. Gary.
Long time no see. Thanks for your e-mail.

WOW. HOLY COW! I still cannot believe what happened in NY and Washington DC. It seems like a movie, but it is not. It is REAL!!

Last night, I turned on TV at 11:00pm at night to watch a news program. I saw the weird picture which one big aircraft was approaching the one of the skyscrapers and hit to burst into the fire. My head was blank at one
moment, not recognizing what it was. WOW…I was speechless.

Anyway, thank God that you are ok. So, are my friends in NY. But I have one friend who lives in Washington DC and he actually works for the government. I hope he is all right. I couldn’t get hold of him because of the telephone line confusion over there.

Now, I am afraid of what measure would be taken by US government to reiterate.HMMMM….this is a big issue. Who ever imagined this kind of tragedy would everhappen in the real life in the main land of USA….although so many similar scenes were created by CG in the Hollywood movie such as "Independence Day" or "Fifth Element" or "Spider men" right? One thing different from movies is that there is always a good guy who help us at the last moment, so that we are not hurt in any ways in the movie, but in the real life, what happened was that the airplane beautifully flew straight into the building and everybody died. It caused unblievablly great number of casualities.

Today, on my way to work, I was walking on the street among some skycrapers in mid-Shinjuku. I looked it up andimagined the tragedy again …what if it happened here….I sensed the chill on my back. GOD GRACE….

I really feel sympathy for the victims in that tragedy and all I can do here across the Pacific ocean is to pray for that things get better and nothing worse wouldn’t happen again.

Please good take care of yourself.
Keep in touch.
Isako Shibata

… <- meaning -> out

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