September 2001 – 09/12/2001

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We have had innumerable people at TPU impacted by this. Many students are from NYC with relatives working in the World trade center as well as Alumns.So far there is one confirmed death, the aunt of a student while other continue to wait.
Ed L

One of the things that astounded me was surfing through various TV channels to see how much the perspectives changed… CNN vs. ESPN vs. BBC vs. MTV.

Thanks for your thoughts this morning. Actually, I knew Michael Judge, the fire dept. chaplain who was killed. He had given a retreat here in Hartford several years ago and I would occasionally get a Christmas card from him. It’s weird… I sat and watched TV and heard his name mentioned several times before it actually registered who they were talking about. Sometimes the brain just doesn’t process logically.

I hope you are OK in this dreadful time. Will talk to you soon.

Thanks, Gary – It’s so important to share and connect at a time like this – although, let’s face it there’s never really been a time like this has there? It’s so true about all the levels of impact – just so sad. I guess we just need to try and be the good that outways the bad in the world.
Take care, God Bless
Steve P

A reaction Many of us have probably thought, but have yet to voice…

It’s probably a commentary on how this situation has affected me, but I don’t even have the stomach to turn on the TV right now. I want to fight or kill something, but I can do neither right now.

Anyway, I hope everyone is doing better… coping, dealing.

Thank you again everyone… <- meaning -> out

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