September 2001 – 09/12/2001


As with all things that happen to us, we do need to move on. We’re a strong people. In my opinion (as biased as it is) we are probably some of the strongest people this world has ever known throughout history. ….

Well I for one am looking forward to seeing the Spiderman movie! =) You better call me when the group goes opening night! I guess enough has been said on all the other grim stuff…

Nina S.

I am a SpiderMan fan as well Gary….thanks for the note. Yesterday was unbelievable. Do you have any more info on the movie..?

George M.

It’s at times like this that we sometimes need to find something to shift our mind set. If you can find a group of friends, family, strangers and talk. Just talk. Last night I was lucky enough to have friends with me online and at home. Thank you to you all. Thank you… <- meaning -> out

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