September 2001 – 09/25/2001

Look ma, I want that Barbie!

Not the most PC thing in the world, but damn funny. Thank you Jay-De-Car man for the pic.

Oh, nothing major, just wanted to voice my opinion on something related to that Lord of the Rings thing. Yea, ya know, that trilogy that’ll start in December. Well, a trailer was released today and all the servers that had it were slammed so that I coudn’t d/l it. Well, I just watched it. Couple things to say… 1) I WANT THAT SOUNDTRACK NOW! HOLY WOW! 2) the costumes look awesom 3) GANDALF! GANDALF! GANDALF! 4) Ringwraiths. This movie is going to ROCK. Excuse me, all three of the movies will ROCK!. I go slow my heart rate now. Maybe it’s time to settle down. I mean it is all of 11:21. As good a time as any.

With all intensions to go to sleep I found myself reading this.

Taliban leader says attacks were to avenge US ‘cruelty’
"The recent sad event in America was the result of these cruel policies and was meant to avenge this cruelty," he said, without claiming to know who was responsible.

And on a more intelligent note…

Putin, German Leaders Hold Talks
"We speak about partnership, but in reality we’ve never learned to live together," he said. "Today we must firmly declare: The Cold War is over."

OMG, I heard about this but didn’t believe it. IT WAS TRUE!

Starbucks Apologizes for Charging NYC Rescue Workers for Water
“It was a misunderstanding with Starbucks,” Rapisarda said after talking to Smith.

Um, can someone plead the 5th after treading the thin line of ‘did it’ & ‘didn’t do it’? I’m thinkin’ that the leader of the Taliban made a biiiiiiig ol’ faux paus…<- meaning -> out

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