Short Story

Last night before I went to bed I wrote a short story. I thought about posting it but stopped myself. 24 hours have had their way with me. I’m not going to defend myself. My grammar is far from the best. I think the story speaks for itself. Short and sweet. Very short. = P
A short story by Gary Ploski

“Snip, snip?” thought the tree. The memory of a sound seemed just like yesterday… though there have been so many yesterdays. “Hmm” the tree grumbled. It must have been some time ago because the sun has been shining on me for as long as I can remember. “Now what caused that sound?” the tree coughed out loud to itself just as a squirrel tickled its inside. The tree placed the feeling of loss along side something that seemed familiar and grumbled again “I guess it’s nothing to worry about. If I don’t remember and the birds aren’t here to remind me then I will just enjoy the sun. The sun has always been there for me. Every morning.” Then, like the sun setting after a long day, the tree fell back into sleep.

06-16-2004 12:39 am

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