Super Size Me

supersizemeDo you eat fast food often? Think it’s cheaper than swinging by a local grocer? Know you should lose a few… many pounds? Looks like you need to see this film.

I am a large proponent of healthy eating. I try to live with the philosophy that most things in moderation is okay. When talking about fast food on the other hand… seldom is the better answer.

Morgan Spurlock decided one day that he would eat only McDonald’s for 30 days. While this may have been a running joke or thought during college… The reality of it has been actualized by only one man – Morgan Spurlock.

What can you expect to see in this film? Details, details, and more details. Morgan did the research and lays it all out. Of course numbers can be skewed to fit one’s agenda, but when the numbers are bluntly laid out for you… it’s hard to avoid the truth within them.

Humor is a must in a documentary like this… Happily, Morgan delivers. During the month his demeanor and energy changes drastically but his conce to document his experience never disappears. He wants this to be a fun ride for the viewer even though his doctors tell him horrific news about his body. During his first weigh in, 7 days in, he gains approximately 9 pounds. 7 days + 9 pounds = extrememly unhealthy! Morgan brings us into the room with him and applauds the rediculousness of the situation.

My only complaint about the film is that while number and statistics were available randomly comments like “a little more” made their way into the film. Instead, I’d rather of seen a comparison of cost. Ex: 120,000/year vs 130,000. This comes about during the discussion of school meals and how inexpensive it can be to provide fresh food vs fast food in schools.

To anyone that has eaten fast food, probably 99% of the population, I suggest that you see this film in the theater or at home but you should see this flim. I have a feeling you’ll avoid fast food for a while and feel better without even realizing why.
10 or 10

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