THAT Kind of Night

Ever have THAT kind of night? The night that just wows you? The kind of night, when you look back and think about it, makes you smile and wish you could repeat it over and over? HOOOOHA! I had THAT kind of night tonight and I want to remember it big time.

It will read so simply yet it will be so much more. Soccer and Volley Ball combined to form the head! Heh. 80’s reference. = ) I got to play some indoor, 4v4, for about 10-15 minutes which ruled! It was the perfect amount of soccer to warm me up and refresh my mind of how GREAT the sport is. Soccer isn’t a game… it’s a lifestyle! Soccer fans UNITE!!! I even scored a goal! HA! Yes, lil ol me the keepah, scored the last goal before…

VOLLEY BALL! HOLY MAMMA MIA volley ball! 3v3 and it ruled! Everyone, literally, EVERYONE did something awesome. Whether it was a hit, a pass, a dig… Everyone did something out-standing! Afterward the hits just kept on comin! Hitting lines… The 1’s down the middle… O. M. G. I was crushing the ball. Right side hits… again – BOOM! And something new that I’ve been dying to try… a ë1 outside’ (aka shooter). THIS is the way to hit outside. None of that 2 stuff. Pfff! No more 2’s. Get rid of em, low and fast = high and hard. BAM! DIG THAT BABY!

Hot damn! It was such a great night of sports. All while a lightning storm crawled its way overhead. Thunder struck outside a few times but it struck even more inside! Hells yes!

05-05-2004 10:26 pm

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