That Time Again – Graduation!

Wow, more friends graduating. How can this be happening? It feels as though all my friends should be done with this college thing. Oddly it feels sad yet nifty at the same time. I think a little bit of green-ness slips its way in too. = o Yes, I would be quite happy walking across that stage receiving my ‘diploma’ – or a piece of paper that says ‘get your diploma in room 123 between 12 & 3’. That’d be great fun. Hopefully in a year or two I’ll be able to say “I’m graduating from SLC with a MFA in Theater! OMG OMG OMG! HAHAHA!”

Hopefully. I should know soon enough. )fingers SERIOUSLY crossed(

It was wonderful to wish many friends & acquaintances a fond congrats: Ali, Cat, Da’el, Gary, Jaben, Leslie, Hezzakiah, Kate, etc. Some have jobs lined up others have questions and hopes at the ready. To you all I wish you the best. It’s not easy but it sure is a wonderful feeling to accomplish such a feat. = )

On a different note… two different notes actually since both thoughts are in we wee brain juices.

Have you ever known someone and then have the chance to hang out with them in a setting, which is, well, more comfortable for them because of the company? Were they the same person? I know I’ve had this happen to me, and I was fortunate to witness it the other night. I finally met and got to hang with mama – Emma’s best friend from childhood. It is a unique thing to see people interact when there is a history that spans the majority of their lives.

It’s as though the worries disappear and the comfort zone expands allowing for a free exploration of conversation topics. I was quite amazed at the transformation I witnessed. Long lasting friendships are such a wonderful thing. Having had the chance to watch these two XX’s interact, I felt honored to witness such an event. There really is nothing in this world but experience and time that can create what I saw – best friends. So neat.

Hmm, a third thought, = ), after returning from another graduation thing (a party for Lissa R.) YEA LISSA! CONGRATS!, I must again say how lucky I am to have a certain friend in my life – Rock on BT. TPU… T.P.U. Oh yea. = D

Maybe I’m over-reacting to a conversation I had earlier. I don’t think I am and neither did a few people I spoke with this evening, but let’s say for the argument that I am. How would you react to a statement like this… But first a word from our sponsor.

Mmm. Drink it up, YUM!

Before I give you the thought here are some background details to keep in mind while you’re reading the soon to be read dialog. = P BACKGROUND DETAILS: recently ended relationship, admitted strong feelings to each other recently, and (hmm, one more… ah!) long distance between the two involved. 3, 2, 1… Here we go… We have liftoff. 0= o)

XY-So will you be around later because I’m heading out to—
XX-Oh hold on one sec!
XY-Uh, okay.
XX-(mumbles to someone)
XY-(waits) Uh… hello?(hears another XX in the background)
XX-(more mumbles)(chuckling)
XX-(returns but is still speaking to the other XX) Yea. This guy I’m on the phone with and I did that.
XY-Like I was saying… Wait, what? “This guy” I’m “this guy”? Right, okay, as I was saying I’m going to head out.
XX-You don’t even know what we were talking about.
XY-I’m a “this guy”? Anyway, I’m going to get going.
XX-You’re overreacting. I was talking about phone sex.
XY-Honestly, that’s what I figured. How would you like it if I said “Oh, this girl I’m on the phone with and I…”?
XX-(speaking to the other XX) I’m talking to XY, a guy I had a 2 year relationship with—
XY-Stop. Please stop. It’s irrelevant to… I’m gonna go, I’ll talk to you later.
XX-Okay. You go I’ll talk to you later.
XY-I’ll talk to you later XX.
XX-K. (silence) ends call

NOTE – this is a paraphrased conversation. Sorry, I wasn’t able to obtain the transcript.

It may be me but being referenced as ‘this guy’ after a 2-year relationship along with strongly expressed emotions between two people… names are used – not general descriptors. So ‘this guy’ is going to sign off ‘this pc’ and hop into ‘that bed’ to get some rest because I’ve been up a long time. Oyasumi.

Edit – 11:37AM – I decided to remove the names. It didn’t feel right. Privacy is still a nice thing to attempt even if it’s on the web.

05-23-2004 01:49 am

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