The 15th

Aparantly we are very VERY fortunate to be able to experience an anmazing event this year. Yes there have been amazing phenomenon such as:

A War in Iraq

Arnold Becoming a Governor

and even… MTV played some videos. Well, that only happened because of MTV2, but it did happen at least.

Something very few people (probably only 2) were lucky enough to experience was a double 15th! It happened yesterday and it will happen AGAIN tomorrow! For details check out the West Palm Beach Community College’s Academic Calendar.

Ms. Sha-none figured a Monday off was a great idea so she concluded that yesterday was the 15th. When she got to school for rehearsal… well, everyone was there ready and willing to learn by the teachers that were ready and set to teach. Ah Sha-none, the silliness that can be on the 15th. Enjoy the day off (again) tomorrow.

10-14-2003 12:12 pm

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