The Cleaning

First off, there are only 4 days 3 hours 46 minutes and 19 seconds left until I begin an adventure of a lifetime with eight (8) friends of mine. (giddy little laugh)

Last night, unlike most nights this week, I was able to focus on a task. Actually not a task but many tasks. I’m surprised by this because I have been unable to see through anything this week to a resolve. For three (3) nights my comics sat scattered around my room while I attempted to sort them. I failed at miserably for two nights, but last night. I don’t know what got into me.

I went to the gym, did my quick Thurday work out, went home, ate, and then TORE THE FLOOR UP with accomplishments! WHOOO! It felt so good! Of course I took a few breaks during it all – such as watching some clips of LotR: RotK on Yahoo! Movies. Oh man that movie is going to make people cry. Heh.

I’m so happy with what I completed. Ah yea! It felt so nice to have the entirety of the floor visible. Finally!

Okay… I’ve been out and about working and realized I forgot to post this so I’m going to before I forget and lose all that I’ve written. Now only… 4 days 1 hours 33 minutes and 54 seconds. heheheh.

12-12-2003 11:40 am

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