The Pagans – Off Broadway

This is all I knew about The Pagans before I arrived at the theater last night.

County Clare, Ireland. The Riordan familyís elder son retus home with his sexy American wife and throws the household into turmoil.

I leaed much more about the Riordan’s and their friends. I really don’t think I care to know any more.

Filled with entrances, so perfectly timed, that allowed nearly every character the oportunity to weasel out of a personal break through. For example:

Man – I need to tell you what happened to her.
Woman – Please. I haven’t been able to figure it out at all.
Man – Well, when she was 13 someone…
(Brother enters from kitchen)
Brother – Hey you two.

This happened at least 10 times during the play. This happened during the 2+ hour performance and it drove me nuts. Life does not happen like this. People are not walking through our conversations so often that we can’t finish a sentence.

Not one person knocks in Ireland aparantly too. Everyone just walks into everyone’s houses and just goes about their day. Guess their like the Canadians Michael Moore met during the filming of Bowling for Columbine. I guess I’m jealous or just more considerate since it is THEIR house and not mine.

With these complaints about the play noted, and mind you they are not all the complaints I had the length, structure, and dialog require heavy editting, I did enjoy some of the performances. Mararet (the mother) was absolutely wonderful. I felt for her during her times of… well she was pretty much stepped on the entire play by everyone else except the American. Her reaction to a pair of sunglasses pushed me to tears. She really was delightful.

Another impressive character was Bobby (a family friend). His wit was unintentional yet warmly inviting. He seemed as though he could be broken in two by a gust of wind, but he was someone you’d want in your life. Honest, caring, and funny.

The scene that took me by surprise involved a game of prayers. The entire family pitted against their aunt – a know it all when it comes to Jesus. Why was this refreshing? After seeing at least an hour and a half of the family bickering at each other and ready to rip out as many organs as possible we got to see one element that held them all together. It was a wonderfully played out scene.

Am I glad I saw the show? Of course. I walked away from it having more experience and a clearer sense of what I like in theater. Was the price right? Quite so, all I had to pay for was the trip to the theater – $14.

4 of 10

The Pagans

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