TPU, History, & Mandrake 10

After 6 year I guess it’s time to touch base with yet another old friend. This time it’s from my TPU days. Rahotep and I will be meeting up for dinner at Mateo’s with Monika, Margie, and Vanessa for a ‘how the hell are!?’ dinner. I’m pretty excited. I don’t remember the last time I saw Vanessa, and it’s been too long since I saw Monika and Margie. Too many people. How are we supposed to stay in touch with everyone!? Too many people. = O


Seriously though it’s been a wonderful year so far in that this will be yet another reconnect with someone from my past. Farah… you’re next damn it! We’ve been trying to get together but have failed miserably. OY!

Postfix is a bitch on Mandrake 10. Well, I don’t know if it’s Postfix or something else but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to open port 25 to other machines. It works locally but that’s it. = Ugh. Hours spent and no success. Come on Linux Community – where are those online documents? I want to RTFM!

This is part of a move that this site along with all the others I host to a newer faster machine by the by. = D

The HISTORY GAME will meet its end Sunday. The finial six members of the cast will be gathered at Fenti’s and Nanyahi’s new Tomb which is guarded by a cute, er, ferocious feral beast of a basset hound. That is my understand… rather, that’s how he described his new hell hound. I just hope if he has a fireplace there is plenty of water around. Better yet, another house. 0=O

After more than 7 years the game will finally see the conclusion played out. Who will live? Who will die? I won’t know until Sunday, but I do know I’m seriously excited to play. It’s going to a whooper! R.I.P. Rahotep

Lastly, this weekend will hopefully allow me some opportunity to catch a breath and just sit down with myself. Since it’s a long weekend I’m thinking a F5 (refresh command on your PC) is needed. What that means and how I’ll do that… I have no clue. I know I need to be around a good friend and fortunately he’s alive in person, too bad he’s dead in the game. Rock!

05-28-2004 11:42 am

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