Uncommon thought

So I called my MD today to check on the results of some blood work that was done last week. I spoke with ease to the receptionist and confidence. She asked if I’d rather speak with my MD but I calmly said something to the effect of ‘nah.’

She put me on hold while she looked for my folder. The keeper of the sacred papers… my medical history. Ewwwwwwwwww aaaaaaaaaaah ooooooh. She picked up the line and said “Gar, you tested negative for HIV.” I said something like “Thanks, that’s what I expected.”

Yup, a slightly uncommon topic for people to talk about for sure. Interestingly this is my second HIV test. Why? Health insurance stuff and regulations. Blah regulations. = ) Happily I’m in damn good health and should have many more years to bug the hell out of people. Many more missions to accomplish. BWAAHAHAH!

On a serious note… It’s humbling to know information like this. How many people in the world can look at themselves knowing that they are not infected with viruses like HIV? My MD gave me the typical lines when I was in the office to which I sighed and explained that I just wanted to make sure I’m where I should be at my age.

For example:
MD – So how are you?
GP – Honestly, well.
MD – (chuckles) Really? Then why are you here? (chuckles again)
GP – Um, no really. I’m doing well. I’m at the gym 4-5 days a week and I have a pretty good diet with occassional treats.
MD – Hmm. (looking sceptically at my medical records) Un huh.

To me it was as though there was a neded reason for a check up. I guess it’s not typical for someone to ACTUALLY see their MD once a year. It’s just like seeing the DDS twice a year to me. I’d rather catch something ASAP vs a year or more later. The pain and the struggle would be so much worse because of the ignorance in my opinion.

And don’t forget to brush and floss daily. LOL… This is turning into a sales pitch for MD’s and DDS’s.

Back to the serious thinking… Honestly it’s WONDERFULLY peaceful knowing that I tested negative. Sometimes it IS great to fail test. = )

Hmm, why is it so difficult for people to realize there are many of us that really DO care about our well being? Especially MD folk. Shouldn’t we care about our bodies? They are the only ones we’re given and anything that’s injured can be healed. Well, almost anything. But starting sooner rather than later is ALWAYS better. This much is true is it not?

Strange how such a simple action – going to one’s MD – can be viewed as such a risky or strange thing to others. It’s sad to me that it can be viewed in this way. Of course, I’m still going to see my MD again next year and I have that DDS thing lined up too. Hellllloooooooo scratchy metal thingy! Hahahaaah!

It’s only 10:30 pm but I feel the need to sleep. Oyasumi

03-02-2004 10:35 pm

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