When does early = late?

Is it early or late when it’s 3:15 AM and you’re writing in your journal? Some would argue that it’s a new day and it’s early “Why Cletus, it’s just three hours inta the day I tell yas.”

Others would take another route, “I’ve been working on this case since this morning when I got in. (sigh) I still have another case to read through after this one, my goodness it’s late. I need some food… shoot everything is closed. (sigh).

At the moment… I’m with the lawyer ideology that 3:18 in the morning is late. Do I feel like I’m giong to fall asleep? HA! Not by a long shot. Does this frustrate me? HA! Hells yes! I’ll have my own now — sigh.

Hrmmm. Why oh why is my little self up? Oh why oh why and I still? Well, let’s see how cryptic I can be so only I can know what I’m talking about in the future when I look back on this. Let’s see, I just had a long converstaion with someone… (damn, someone else will obviously know what I’m talking about now, alas.) Okay, yea, so I had a conversation with someone and we both were very frustrated with each other. Some time has passed, I’m far from bring in ZLand – I think they are. Though I may be wrong.

Right. Frustration from what I ask myself in the future, er, the past… yea. I think it can be summed in with one work – expectations. But that’s just one Joe’s opinion in this dark dreary… morning?evening? Uh, I dunno anymore. It’s after 3:30 and I’m still up. I’m going to go try reading or find something else to entertain me so I may possibly fall asleep.

Oh what the hell, one last time — sigh

11-16-2003 03:31 am

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