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Holy holy holy! WOW! What an absolutely awesome day and weekend this is turning out to be. Last night I enjoyed a night alone with a pizza, a DVD full of Buffy (season 4), water, and yes, ice cream. I was FULL! So full I could barely move. Yes I know it wasn’t smart to do but I honestly didn’t care. It was just nice to have the entire night to myself. Ahhh. What a great nite. Heh. The only noise present around me was the noise I allowed. So nice.

I went to sleep which was about 1230 – OH YEA! ‘Getting serious sleep tonight!’ I thought. Heh, wrong. My cell did ring a ding dingy at 1ish. None called to say she’d seen Kill Bill Volume 2. She said that she understood why it was a 2 part film. I’m really hesitant about that part of her review, but I’ll keep it in mind when I see it – not that I’m in a hurry. She was happy with it but added that it was kinda odd and that a particular EYE BALL scene would interest me. Yes that had me curious. I have my idea what it relates to… of course I’m probably completely wrong. But I do have an idea about it.

I fell back to sleep and awoke to NOTHING at 8am. NOTHING! WTF BODY! I forced myself back to sleep for another hour and a half. Happy me. Up at about 945. Heh. Can’t believe I’m about to say this but – WHOOHOO LATE MORNING!

So sad. So sad.

Later in the day I went to tech rehearsal for Night B I think – for the Director One Acts. My tech is tomorrow. Shudder. Things went fairly smooth and I was out of there after 2 hours. Not bad. I shot on home and chilled out with some PC stuff. Upgraded some server stuff and read about other geeky things. Then I went out to have a catch with Emma.

Since the weather is nice I HAD to get outside. Since Emma can throw a ball it seemed like a workable plan. A mother seemed to think her star athlete of a son was in need of time with ‘the big kids’ and asked if he could join us. He did. He was… a kid. A normal, average, run of the mill kid. Parents and their misperceptions. )shaking head(

Finished up the toss, hung out at the park since it was so nice out. Talked Buffy Vs. Angel – total fan boy geeking out indeed. She has me beat by many many miles on these topics which I’m more than happy to admit. I think the show (Buffy) is fun but it’s not something like Spidey to me. Spidey. Heh. Spidey spidey spidey. June 30th!!! Heheheheheheheh. Yea. EX-CITE-ED! Heh. So going to rock.

Oh right, today, I packed up and headed home while she had school things to attend and now I’ve taken some time to jot it all down. All the while thinking about how to fix the comments issue with the damn apostrophe. Hrmm. Sweet. It’s not tomorrow yet so I’m going to post and run… somewhere. = ) And it’s STILL amazingly warm out! A pair of shorts with the window open at 12 AM! SUH-WEET!

04-17-2004 11:54 pm

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