Grimlock-teachThis page about Gary. Me, Grimlock want answer questions! You have more’er questions? You say Grimlock tell me.

Questions bout me Gary:

Some people ask me questions when me feel need to bash Decepticons.

Why you ask me then?

Me not ready then.

You read now. Me answer when time free. That time pass.

Now learn time!

How old you?

Me? Me sometimes old. Me sometimes not. Though me always losing skin and cells daily. It been happ’ning since 1975 July thirteen.

Where you school?

I school at lotsa place.

First place me remember Algonquin School
Then me recall Community School
Next Long River Middle School
Strange now. Two High Schools – Wolcott for month Holy Cross for more than month Lastly Teikyo Post Uni. I likeded it there.
Lastly again I go to Sarah Lawrence College. They nice let me do things in class. Me like SLC.
World good teacher to Grimlock. It teach you too!

What this?

This site here for me to make you ask ‘What this?’ – it working.

How much you write here?

Me older than you and so am smarter than you! Numbers are big like me often and small like you sometimes. What you ask?

Contacting me Gary:

What that sound? Some ding ring ding thing. ARRRRGH! Me fit between teeth and make shh. Now time to think about next meal. …EH?!… What that noise inside me!?!

Want to ride train with me?

You ask me to ride train with you to city? That nice idea. Maybe you nice person after all. Me get back to you after train leave. Me thinks that good idea.

Need ride to movie. You take me?

NO! Me no take you. Call taxi or other friend. They have time to spare. Me have my car to take me places. You get little two wheel thing that sound like big bee. Me go bring me somewhere now.

Mail? You have address?

Oh. Now you want sneak up on me behind bushes? Un uh, me don’t think so. You want to play ninja with me. Me get my katana and practice my Iaido on you. No you get no add ress. But is another can have. P.O. Box

You send to P.O. Box 4976, Portland, OR 97208. Now you go stalk neighbor and let them scream. Be shush though. Maybe me as ninja sneaking up on you too!

Me want call you. How I do that?

You don’t that how. Me no want give out 10 digits to you. If you know me then you have digits. Don’t know me, um, don’t have digits. Okay, you ring your 10 digit friends now. Bye bye.

Me Gary favorites:

Break this! YEAH! Bite that! YEAAHHH! This is list of things favorite!

Who favorite character?

Character? What you mean? … … … Oh! Me get it. Me like guy that swings with web stuff. It sticky but disolve after one hour. He also always say same thing. Something like ‘have great responsibility have great power’. He smart guy too, but always unlucky. Girls don’t like him much which makes me sad and angry at girls. He’s good guy girls! Stop being mean to him. Me also like him because he funny often. Me laugh when he make fun of bad guys. Heh heh. Bad guys think they smartest than him but he smarter than smartest.

How bout TV character?

Hmm. This tough. Me no watch tee vee much. But Me have watched much before. Hmm… Me remember quote of “SPOON!” from The Tick and me also like silence of “Samurai Jack”. These both cartoons though. Tough!
These be favorites.