Chocolate Birthday Party for Adults v.2014 0

Chocolate Birthday Party for Adults v.2014

Posted by on Nov 19, 2014 in Blog, Events

Just a few months after moving to Portland, Oregon it was time for a birthday chocolate fest. By chance I stumbled upon a chocolate and salt shop called THE MEADOW and knew that this year would be a year to remember! The Menu: (in alphabetical order) Blanxart – Dark Chocolate 60% with Olives Blanxart – White Chocolate with Strawberries (contains dairy) Endangered Species Chocolate – 72% cocoa, Lavender Mint créme filmed dark chocolate Endangered Species Chocolate – 72% cocoa, Sea Salt & Lime Créme Filled dark chocolate Equal Exchange Chocolates – 67% cacao, Mint Chocolate with a delicate crunch Equal Exchange Chocolates – 55% cacao, Lemon Ginger chocolate with black pepper Lake Champlain Chocolates – 38% cocoa Peanut Butter (contains dairy) Lillie Belle Farms Handmade Chocolate – 70% Madagascar Dark Chocolate ‘Ramblin Rose’ Madécasse – Espresso Bean – 44% cocoa, madagascar coffee with caramel notes (contains dairy) Madécasse – Cinnamon & Chili Pepper – 63% dark chocolate, ceylon cinnamon & sakay chili peper Seattle Chocolates – Rainier Cherry – Dark Chocolate Truffle Bar with Praline Pecans and Cherries Seattle Chocolates – Birthday Cake Batter, Milk chocolate Truffle Bar with confetti cake mix (contains dairy) Theo Chocolate – 70% dark chocolate, Fig Fennel & Almond Theo Chocolate – 70% dark...

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A Chocolate Birthday Party is Exactly What You Need 0

A Chocolate Birthday Party is Exactly What You Need

Posted by on Oct 19, 2014 in Blog, Events

Shortly before my 28th birthday I decided that I wanted to establish a regular experience for my birthday because birthday parties in adulthood just don’t offer the same enthusiasm as pre-drinking age birthdays. As a teetotaler I couldn’t care less about alcohol in my daily life and especially during celebratory times. I say this because if there is one thing I hear from other adults about partying is the need for some form of intoxicator. That’s just not me. So, what to do? What to do. The ideas of boardgames, movies, and other group like activities came to mind but they didn’t feel right so I kept at it until…. Chocolate! The Inspiration? A friend was turning 40 and invited us to his birthday party. He said that his wife had purchased a number of dark chocolate bars that she planned to cut up and put around the house for people to snack on throughout the gathering. It was a great time and the guests ate up the food and nibbled efficiently on the dark chocolate. =) The uniqueness of the day stood out and we left in great spirits. Chocolate was on the mind! Too Much Chocolate? Try this, grab 10 variations of a food/drink you like. Be...

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Facebook, Can We Talk About the NewsFeed? 0

Facebook, Can We Talk About the NewsFeed?

Posted by on Jul 8, 2014 in Blog

After a long day out and about in my new city I returned home and read through a few acting opportunities, scanned the news, and then clicked over to Facebook to see what was going on. o.O My NewsFeed is set to “Most Recent” except when Facebook/something, not me, changes it to “Top Stories” so I anticipate that I’ll see something new from a friend. Today I saw someone’s post in my feed who I’ve interacted with online less than a handful of times more than 4 years ago. What. The. Truck, Facebook?! That led me to write and post this to my Friends on Facebook knowing that the people behind the News Feed algorithm could see it. Facebook. Hi, how are you doing? Busy huh? That’s awesome. I have a small favor to ask. Could you do me a solid? I’m sure it’ll be pretty easy for you. So, this News Feed thing, it can be pretty cool when I see news that’s timely and important to me but here’s the thing, you are showing me news from people I don’t talk to on a regular basis. You’re not showing me posts from Pages I’m interested in, and the people I do talk to often almost, I wish I was...

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Living in Portland, OR Makes Me Smile 0

Living in Portland, OR Makes Me Smile

Posted by on May 18, 2014 in Blog, Video

Just over two and a half months ago emma and I moved our lives to Portland, OR with many hopes and a number of uncertainties. Would we meet people? Will it actually offer the lifestyle we want? How will the food compare to NYC? How expensive will it be? Is there really as much rain as we’re led to believe? How will the kittehs handle things? Questions on top of questions on top of questions. If you’ve ever moved to a new city you know what we went/are going through. If you haven’t, well, the simple way of putting it is this: o.O Many friends and family have been asking how things are treating us since the move which now clocks in at ~45 days ago. If only there was an easy way to show you what emma, Cthu, Mags, and I have been up to since we moved. Wait-a-minute… There is a way and it’s awesome! 😉 One Second Everyday Portland Style Check out the 1SE app Gary Ploski is an actor, director, producer, FCP X editor, blogger, athlete and instructional technologist living and working in Portland, OR. Have questions/thoughts? Post a...

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What I Learned About Being Sick 0

What I Learned About Being Sick

Posted by on Apr 22, 2014 in Blog

You’re probably thinking “Why would I want to read a blog about being sick?” and I can tell you what I learned after being sick for a week shocked me enough to write a blog. To be or not to be sick Sunday evening I felt something in my nasal passage and a bit of my throat. “No big deal. I’ll sleep it off.” It didn’t seem like something I’d need to think about because I wasn’t around anyone who was sick and I felt great except for the odd feelings I described. Though, I’d been in an environment where, I thought, mold may have been kicked up and since I was around it for most of the day figured it’d make sense that I’d feel a tickle like feeling. I’ll be fine as long as I get some rest. Wrong. Sunday morning I woke up feeling awful so I rested up as best I could and drank water – so much water, and even napped. I don’t nap easily so I figured ‘Pfft. I’ll feel better when I wake up.’ And that’s strike two, wrong again. How bad was it For nearly the entire week I slept at a 45° angle because the congestion made it impossible to sleep...

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My Google Analytics Platform Principles Certificate 0

My Google Analytics Platform Principles Certificate

Posted by on Mar 25, 2014 in Blog

On my list of Google Certificates the Google Analytics course managed to slip through my schedule at least two times. Thankfully a new course was announced soon after I moved to Portland, OR and the deadline to finish with the certificate was late in the month – March 27th which means you can take the course! Head over to sign up to be notified about future online courses or get started on your certification at A Quick Personal Take The Analytics platform is amazing. The features it offers are so wildly robust that it’s possible to spend hours navigating it and tailoring it to your needs. For my own needs the basic information available via the dashboard is more than enough. Something I was not fully aware of was the ability to filter out IP addresses in through the Filter settings. If you don’t want your personal traffic included in the data head over to that setting and make yourself a happy camper. Based on a Google Hangout I watched during the time this online course was available I learned that Analytics is going to change in big ways for the better soon. Keep an eye out for announcements and what it might mean for your site’s Analytics data. If...

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