Business Resume

With a BS degree in MIS from Teikyo Post University and an MFA in Acting from Sarah Lawrence College my employment has provided me the opportunities to work internationally as well as in business and academic roles in the USA.

Currently I am employed full time at Sarah Lawrence College as the Assistant Director of Research and Instructional Technology Services, I teach part-time in NYC for Act Outside the Box and people from around the world how to use online services like FacebookTwitterKickstarterIndieGoGo and a variety of others.

There is much more I can say but I’ll leave you with a ‘Thank you’ for taking the time to review my acting and/or professional resume.


  • Opal – Saas trainer, ScreenFlow, script & documentation creation and management
  • Sarah Lawrence College – Final Cut Pro, hand-held video devices, audio software & hardware
  • Act Outside the Box – Created and present regular workshops and seminars on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube
  • JET Programme – Taught English to grammar & middle school students in Japan
  • CT Film Festival – Multiple workshops on web technology in the film industry
  • One-on-one – Taught sessions based on individual needs


  • #Losethecig, the first anti-smoking social media campaign
  • Multiple crowd funding successes
  • Social Media producer for Rising Star the MovieSarah Lawrence College Library
  • SEO
  • Blogger since 1997
  • PC Hardware repair
  • Software – Windows, OS X, Office, iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Audacity, LimeSurvey
  • Website development – HTML, CSS, WordPress


My LinkedIn Profile provides a thorough detail of my work experience.