August 1997 – Poem

The Cross Walk Dilemma

Yes, you’ve heard it before,
you thought it was true.
One apple say go,
the other says no.

Some people just stand,
happy as can be

While the others run through,
wondering nothing about the tree.

It is clear as can be,
to everyone at the scene.
But to those who find the wait to much,
The challenge is quite enough.

They stand and they wait
for the tree to change plates.
Their time is what’s lost,
as some speculate.

Should I go,
or do I say no?
I have said go,
when it said no.

But no-one said a word.

Nothing to be heard.

Maybe it’s just me,
or could it be the tree?
Just because it is no,
does it mean I can not go?
Can not, should not,
Is it so?

To me the gaijin,
I just don’t know.

Courtesy of Gary Ploski

August 7,1997

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