Gary Ploski
Teacher, Technologist, Filmmaker
Portland, Oregon Area | Education Management

I enjoy listening to others so I can help them achieve their goals as an educator and content creator. #lifemission

The Longer Version
I would like to make the world a better place for all life by using my creative, technical, organizational and interpersonal skills.

Computers have been my in life since the TRS-80 and Prodigy introduced me to the Internet. These interests led me to earn a BS in MIS at Teikyo Post university. After graduating I moved to Japan to teach English and returned home to find new passions in theater and film. They balance the digital side of my life and offer wonderful lessons & experiences in collaboration. With a desire to understand the history of theater and to improve my craft I obtained an MFA in acting at Sarah Lawrence College.

Collaborative projects inspire me and the Internet has been a boon to my education and collaborations. As new tools are developed I strive to learn about all the features and limitations so as to best inform what the next best steps of a project will be. I feel that it is worth the time to plan out a project in advance to avoid pitfalls that will impact the clock though when necessary I'm ready to make decisions when time is not an option.

Looking back, blogging wasn't a word when I started putting my thoughts on the web and I am so excited to try the next new application and social media platform that will change the way we live, communicate, and create.

I do my best to live a life where I can fit two of my favorite mottos into every situation: "With great power comes great responsibility." and "Today you, tomorrow me." It would be a pleasure to speak with you about your present needs and how we could work together to accomplish your goals.

Content Producer (2018 - Present)
Privately Held, 51-200, Computer Software

* Create and maintain training and education materials including animated GIFs, audio & video, learning center copy, and other requests.

Co-founder (2012 - Present)
Public Company, 2-10, Entertainment

* Directed & produced "quiet de luxe" - A sci-fi short film about a lgbt bullying that screened at 13 film festivals around the world
* Directed, produced and edited “Power Up, Power Out” - A multi camera superhero short film about technology addiction
* Directed, produced and edited "Alt+Her" - A short film about a woman's retelling of the brutal assault of a star runner in her neighborhood
* Photograph promotional events
* Primary responsibilities: producer, director, editor, actor and co-writer