1 Second Everyday Conversations

Since December 6th, 2012 I’ve been recording 1 Second Everyday (1SE), a video or a photo, to compile into an ongoing snapshot of my life, friends, and adventures. Personally speaking, it has given me pause and helps me reflect on, smile about and generally speaking, remember my life for what it was.

Socially speaking, if you haven’t watched the video yet now is the time, it has been the catalyst of fun experiences, shared stories, wonder, creativity and more! =D

A Going Away Party

While hanging out at a party I got to talking with two people I just met and we got to discussing the idea of recording 1 second of video because a few really cool things had happened on that day.

“How do you decide what to use?!”

Indeed. That is sometimes a difficult question to answer.

The party was something emma and I wanted to record because the host is going away for the summer and we wanted her in our 1 SE video, but we’d already recorded something. Gah! What to do!

One of the guests mentioned that she’d been compiling a 1SE video and so we both shared our compilations which got someone else to buy the app – this has happened a number of times. During that process someone pointed out the time, it was after midnight which meant it was a new day so our ‘night out’ turned into two days!

There is something about 1 second videos because of the full experience of sights, sounds, people combined with the recalled memory of each experience. These types of clips capture our imagination and when shown in a string of other 1 second videos creates something completely unique.

Bringing People Together

Thanks to the realization of the time, at 2:33 AM June 8th, 2013 the video posted above happened. And I mean it just happened. The plan was for Mehow, the guy on the right, and me to sit there and everyone behind us would pop up at the same time. Something exciting just happened… Joy, togetherness, hilarity.

Most importantly though what was created was a shared memory that will live on longer than the evening. I can only use 1 second from the video but the funny thing though is that is all I’ll need. Of course, some clips will be less thrilling than this one but that’s the way things go.

Reminiscing with friends and loved one’s is deeply satisfying and it also strengthens bonds. I can honestly say that this video will be one of my favorite memories and will remind me of the great conversations I had with everyone in the clip.

What will the 1 Second Everyday App do for you?

It can help you to have fun with new and old friends and allow you to relive the moments over and over again one second at a time. =D It will take some getting used to, or will it? Look at the photos you’ve taken on your smart phone, if you have one, and you’ll probably see at least one pic from every day. It’s not a stretch to record one second of video instead.

Give it a try for a week and then watch your 7 second video. You’ll get hooked.


My 1 Second Everyday from December 6, 2012 – June 13, 2013.


  1. LOL your video leaves me with so many questions!!!! What were you doing with a possum, who ate the other slices, what’s the castor oil for… LOL thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Thanks for your comment, Jasira.

    To your questions… I was at a rehabilitation center and the opossum was there to help teach us all about how their babies may still be alive if their mom was hit by a car. Kinda blew our minds. If you’d like to learn more check this out: http://www.opossum.org/orphans.htm

    I can’t remember who ate the other slices! #doh

    The castor oil was needed for deep tissue massage therapy. it helps with healing and is a great lubricant. Also, it’s fantastic for skin! #learningftw

    Do you have a 1SE? =)

  3. Awesome!!!! Thanks so much for all of the great details. Super cool. I don’t have a 1SE…I have a droid & was doing the videos, got discouraged with the super long wait & have been neglecting. I’m going to start again though because i hear the app is almost ready. Thanks again. 🙂

  4. Rock. There are still a few bugs in the iOS app, hence some of the placeholder cards, but it gets the job done for now. It’s easy to do if there is content on the phone.

    Good luck and thanks again for the comments! =D

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