13 and 1

inch ruler13 people, 1 inch and a tablespoon of exhaustion. At 9am I found myself ready to get out of bed. That’s not very typical. Sure, sure, sure… During the break 8 has been more common than 6 but 9, humpty dumpty!, that’s late.

On Sunday we hosted the annual gathering. Originally the idea was to have the shindig catered so everyone could relax and enjoy the time together. Well, the places under consideration happened to be closed this week. Great timing. Next year… The gathering will have to take place after the new year.

It’s never truly possible to know how an event goes because there are so many things happening. The food, though, I can speak to with personal certainty. It was great. Sure, I’m biased seeing as I was a part of the cooking duo, but themz the breaks. Stuffed mushrooms, sweet potato fries, 3 types of chips with salsa and guacamole, gnochi in sauce and pesto, a simple salad with walnuts and apple slices, green beens and mushrooms, lemonade, cider, hot chocolate and coffee, and lastly, white chocolate fondue with strawberries, angel food cake, almond biscottis, and raspberries.

It was incredible good with a scrumptious yum in between. Incredibly tiring but fulfilling. emma was the head chef for the entrées/main course and I was the dessert chef. I hope those in attendance enjoyed the festivities (company, secret fomorii (santa), food, etc.) It’s a year away but I’m looking forward to next year’s event already. =)

hair strandRegarding the 1. Well, this part of the post is meant to be a note for the future. Oh, and to be amazed by it in the now too. Sheesh.

Last night I uncovered plucked pulled an ingrown hair from the right side of my facce (lower jaw line). Now this isn’t interesting at all. Ingrown hair? Happens all the time. Blah, blah, blah. Remember that image at the top of the post? The ruler. Yup. The hair was more than one inch long. I don’t kid. Kid? No. I don’t. No kidding. Kidding = Um, no. Uber no kidding. Non. Zip. Zilch. >1 inch. How that is possible? I’ll leave to hair specialists.

Frelling odd. At least it’s gone. Just like 2007. The main difference though, 2007 kicked 455 (it’s in leet sp33k – look it up), the hair, um, didn’t.

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  1. Hairs do some creepy things sometimes… once I was running my hands over my upper arms (I do that sometimes, it soothes me, so I do it before bed sometimes) and I discovered a hair follicle that had gone berserk. I have little blond ones all over my body that are– y’know, short and fuzzy and sometimes a little wavy. But this one hair follicle had decided it was going to see how long it could grow before I tripped over it– it was over an inch long. It was sticking up proudly, all wavy and fine, so long that I thought I had a hair from my head on my arm.
    I think when I saw it I actually went, “AUGH!!” and scrambled down the ladder from my loft bed to pull that sucker out as fast as possible. I felt like a little alien had tried to take root in my body. Bleeaaagh.

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