13th Revisited

For posterity here’s the list of people that wished me a happy bday! Yea me! Yea them!

Bday List


Ali – in person at 12:00
Renata (attractone XX in CA) – online
Mare – greeting card
Kevin, Honey, Dziadz – email from my .com
Brooke – AIM
Dad and Lin – called at 8:30ish
Mudda – called at 10:52
Tree – phone after mudda
Sujay (SLC student) – in person
Angelica & Molly (SLC coworkers – strippers) – in person
Maria – called me at work
Kerry (trainer at SLC) – in person
Kristy (vball coach at SLC) – in person
Brian – phone

Shannon – phone
Jacek – phone
Courtney Bergen – email

Lastly here’s an email I sent to Ali and Maria after Shan finally called on the morning of the 15th.

And she happened to call today on my way to work. She apologized… barely. She even defended herself which means that she does feel guilty or at least wants me to “know why” she forgot to call. She said something like “Down here I don’t know what day it is.” Aparantly I came up in conversation yesterday which made her think of me… Wow, SOMETHING made her think of me. I wonder what that conversation was about.
I guess I’m even more diappointed now because after she apologized and wished me a happy belated I asked her… evil me… if she got my card. She said “Yea. I told you.” ‘No you didn’t Shan. Maria and I were talking about it the other night and she said she didn’t know if you got it either. ‘ “Oh. I thought I told you. The magnet is on the fridge. Thank you.” One word — weak.
After that the conversation went to, get this, “action”. What does action mean? Her stage kiss with the (gay) male lead. SHE TALKED TO ME ABOUT KISSING SOMEONE, for a play granted, only minutes after she apologized for not calling me on my bday. Talk about selfish! UGH! She’s scared of fish but I think she’s got a marketing slogan read for her lined up in the aquatic world already.

15 second commercial for Shaah Non’s Fishery
(Fade in)
Ever wonder where you could go to get the best seafood? Look. No more because nobody can come close to our service and prices!

CAMERA SHOTS zooming in/out on various aquatic life.

FEMALE ACCOUNCER (valley girl style) – V/O
So, like, come down to (heavy on the aah – as in yeaaa, right) Shaah Non’s Market you’ll find the freshest and healthiest fish f’r sure.

CAMERA SHOTS showing customers smiling on the way in and then running for their lives with their purchase on the way out screaming.

Insert address and logo
So stop on by because I SELL-FISH!

(Fade out)

After that she talked about how hard it was to kiss this dude and then said ‘the dance coordinator, this other gay guy, said to the lead, this is how you do it… and started kissing me too. I was so flustered.” I replied pretty harshish “Wow, it’s been a long time since you kissed a gay guy. (Note – the majority of the men she’s dated have ‘come out’ over the years. Kinda strange.
She FINALLY asked about my bday and OF COURSE I WANTED TO TALK ABOUT IT ALLLLLLL IN GREAT DETAIL. To quote Spike “Bugger that.” I simply said I had cake and that lots of ppl I DIDN’T EXPECT to hear from stopped by and said happy b-day (yea, nicely inserted dig and sadly I don’t think she even got it). At that point I arrived to work but she said “I’ve got to go cause my service will drop when I walk through these doors (at work).” I hung up and started working. At least I know now. Next week is going to HORRIFY her. I want her to feel like the dirt under my shoe when she sees me after the show. (WOW HUH! Harsh!) Pretty awful image I think. I want her to beg for forgivness so that she can see how petty she’s been and how selfish she has become.
As we all know… She really screwed up. I’m not the martyr anymore though so it’s full steam ahead to today. What a wonderful place — today. I’m glad I can take part in it. = D

Oki… enough posted above. Note to self – If more comes up in me brain I’ll add it later.

07-16-2004 10:18 am

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