1999-2001 – Brief Summary

From what I can tell I did very little purging on the web or in any written form. I guess I needed a break. During that time I went to CA with me mudda only to find myself driving back alone three months later. I departed Pasadena on 10AM Saturday and arrived in Waterbury at 10PM Monday. I stopped twice and slept a total of 9 hours. It wasn’t the smartest thing I’ve ever done.

I hit a huge low during these many months…

CA bothered me because of the religious zealots, the plastic people, or the plain and simple meet and greet types. Huh? you ask. The kind of person that you meet, have a nice chat with and then NEVER hear from again. Simply put, it wasn’t for me. Looking back there were one job offer that actually leaves me wondering what would have happened. It was a PC hardware position that my uncle Ray had directed me to. He knew someone that needed help and I turned down the job because they were only offering 16/hour. I was a moron and let someone elses opinion sink into my head. They’d burried into my head that 20/hour was the minimum I Should get. I’ll always wonder what might have been…

Back in CT (Fall 1999) I began working at a Post Office in Woodbury for the holiday season. It was torture. I hated the early mornings and the mindless work. The tension at 16 Chandler was horrible too. Dave, me mudda’s ex (present day statement) was being a dick, like normal, to me. Tension filled the house almost as much as the air. I found myself playing Play Station games for countless hours. Metal Gear Solid and Parasite Eve became my life blood. Due to my limited income I couldn’t buy my comics which were pilled up and waiting for me at Legends. It was rough. = p Damn you, it was. Heh.

January 2000… a new opportunity: AT&T. I was there for about 2-3 months. What happened? I hated the job and couldn’t stand the people that I worked with because they just didn’t mesh into my world. Mind you, I didn’t hate them, I just had little, if anything, to say to them. One gent and lass were hunched over like old Japanese women that work in the rice fields. They were 28 at the time! I moved on from there and found DSL.net.

Before DSL.net Jacek moved back to CT and we moved in to 22 Waterbury Road together. Two geeks living togther. It was very entertaining.

DSL.net proved to be a cure and a curse. At first it was amazing learning so much about the ISP world. But, after going through 4 layoffs I couldn’t feel myself anymore. I was… a drone. I barely existed. My creative spirit was all but annihilated. Thank god for New Zenith.

Performances and friends kept me afloat. Oh, and soccer. Granted the boys were less than receptive but at least I got outside and ran around with a soccer ball. Joy!

During the holiday seasons we always had our secret fomori parties which are always fun. I was involved with someone when I probably sohuldn’t have been. Life was very interesting during the year and four months that I didn’t write. I should probably say more but I think this is enough of a catch up for now.

On to the year 2001. The year I registered garyploski.com (28-feb-2001)

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