3 Days Until Kaua'i

Chirips, squaks, and other natural environmental sounds greeted me this morning on the porch. My bowl of Mini-Wheats in my hands and a glass of O.J. by my side. This was the first moment that has inspired me to pen my thoughts in a long time.

It’s a shame really because so much has been happening these past few weeks.

hello chtulhu ribbonsMany fun things – Jupiter, the new puppy at 21 (a blue great dane), the kittens, the daily countdown to Kaua’i (presently at 3 days), a flipmeover.com planning session and a variety of many other things.

On the other side of the coin there has been much, so much in fact, that I’ve felt helpless against its strength. When I return home I have the energy of a thumb tack. I can hold myself in place. Anything after that feels like a miracle. Thoughts of penning these experiences have risen to the surface on occasion. Instead of letting out the ick and blah I decided to wait until a positive feeling came about.

Sure, I can hear the leaf blower being used by the superintendent next door but I can also hear the chirps from birds as close as a dozen of feet away. There are no people sounds. No spoken people sounds that is. I said to emma this morning “This is what I’m looking forward to (in Kaua’i).”

Heh. A squirrel just ran across the roof top of the building next door. This apartment has some amazing perks. Hum’dingin, the birds are going to town now. There are at least 5 birds vying for loudest… And then they stopped. Looks like someone won. Well hello Mr. Bumblebee. I don’t think you’re going to get much out of that brick but you keep on keepin doing that thing you do.

Thinking back I know work has affected more now than at any time previously in my life. I love my job so much that it hurts to have so much stress stored up inside. Last night I felt the pangs of doubt that changes might not actually occur (soon or at all) and with that I experienced, like the Nile, a swell from within. My eyes nearly teared as I stared at the wall. A thumb tack in human form.

I cannot say ‘all that is behind me now’. Yet. (The squirrel is back and posing as a gargoyle. A black squirrel. So very cool. Zoom. Down the wall – vertically – and gone again.) Tonight emma and I will go see the kittens again. Cthulhu has been chosen and is a strangely cute kitten. Jupiter has grown 5 lbs in a week.
It’s quiet out here on the porch. My mind wanders around in peace. It’s almost too bad that I have to get ready for work. The gym, the kittens, and some non-stressed out with with emma will cap off the day if all goes according to plan. Come on lucky 13!

Side note fun – Check out http://www.hello-cthulhu.com/ for more zany adventures of Hello Cthulhu.

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