I’ve been more cryptic in some of my posts lately. I don’t like writing in that way. It’s boring to me and confusing to the reader. Enough.

The other day I was at work chatting away on AIM and, for some reason, decided to look at a family member’s away message. Without reading it my mind captured the words and spat out a new thought – Enough! The away message was insignificant in every way. Details? Okay, something like ‘it’s the weekend. yea!’

For more than 30 days my family in CT has avoided the word marriage and anything else that has to do with the wedding that took place just over one month ago. During phone calls it’s one of those topics… How to say… That is AVOIDED. How are you? What’s going on? Anything new? Sure, that’s pretty much a run of the mill Q&A when nothing major is going on or has happened. The problem is, something major DID happen, and nobody wants to talk about it. This. Is. A. Problem.

Me pop and Lin have been great. Lin sent me the Republican-American paperwork for marriage announcements. W3rd. Pop called just to check in to see how things have been with me/us since the wedding. Pretty fraggin w3rd material. Yea. So, where’s the other CT peeps?

I picked up the torch, again, in hopes of getting the Ploski/Cocchiola clan back on track with a family website again. Zoom, out went the notification of its existence. I heard back from… Nobody. Um, hello? Anyone? At least it’s live, that’s all I care about. Please?

I understand people are busy, I’m one of those people. I’m not as busy as I normally would be during a semester of work, graduate classes, and play(s) but I’m perdy darn busy. I’ve even gotten down to nearly all my reply emails that’s I’ve mentioned twice already. Less than a handful remain. So the curious thought is why the silence. E-mail is pretty quick from what I hear. Maybe someone has changed e-mail routing like the USPS has changed their routing in CT. Humph. Of course that smell you smell is sarcasm. On occasion it’s pretty pungent.

Let’s see if the math makes sense. Major life changing event + Avoidance = …

Nope, it doesn’t add up.

Next weekend will be interesting. Since I have not heard one question from family peeps in CT about emma and I about being married I think it time to point out that the math doesn’t add up. Someone hasn’t paid the bill yet and it’s closing time.

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