$36.99 – Billingagent.com?


What?! I noticed on my most recent Amazon credit card statement a charge from Billingagent.com. Who the hell is that I thought?! Since I’ve been living with emma for the past 2 months I haven’t gone through my bills. Well, when I went through 3 months of credit card statements I found 3 charges from this place. While speaking with a customer service rep (csr) I learned of a 4th! WTF!

According to the following post (linked below) on another site this company is “a Netherlands-based credit-card agent for porn sites.” Well that’s great. HUH?!


I canceled my card and will have a new one within 7-10 days. I was advised by the csr that I should be able to logon to my account info the day I activate my card. The charges are now in dispute and I’m posting this to alert anyone else about such a charge. I have no clue how it got there.

Was a site’s db cracked? I don’t know how my card number got into someone’s possession. If/when I find out I’ll post an update.


  1. en banque j’ai un retrait provenant de CFM INC
    je ne connais pas!!
    voulez vous m’aider ?
    un grand merci
    guy ansart

  2. I’m sorry I don’t speak French. Contact your bank immediately. They can assist you. Good luck. – translated by translate.google.com from English to French.

    Je suis désolé que je ne parle pas français. Contacter votre banque immédiatement. Ils peuvent vous aider. Bonne chance. – traduit par translate.google.com d’anglais-français.

  3. Des sommes d’argent sont prélevées tous les mois sur nmon compte sans que je sois au courant!! je souhaite annuler ces transactions et désire savoir d’où viennent ces prélèvements! %Merci de stopper immédiatement ces sommes débitées sinon je serai obligée d’en référer auprès des instances jusdiciaires! Merci de me répondre dans les plus bref délais!

  4. I’m sorry I don’t speak French. Contact your financial institution immediately. They can assist you. Good luck. – translated by translate.google.com from English to French.

    Je suis désolé que je ne parle pas français. Contacter votre institution financier immédiatement. Ils peuvent vous aider. Bonne chance. – traduit par translate.google.com d’anglais-français.

  5. I had joined the site but it was too slow and was not be able to play. So, please cancell my membership. The username is Qaunees1

  6. j’ai été débité de la somme de 25.07 euros sur mon compte hors je ne sais même pas sur quel site soit disant je me suis abonné merci de me tenir au courant

  7. I`m very surprised because in the last 3 months I have received in my statement account the my credit card the debit for $36.95. I never authorized this debit. Please I need to restore this money. I hope that is don`t necessary another legal instancy.


  8. Hi mate just to let you know I have been going through exactly the same with this company they are werll known to visa for this stunt and no matter how many times they say they not going to do it again ther it is on te next statement.
    I would advse you start a visa compaint the more that do the better chance of shutting them downc

  9. arrété immédiatement de prélever de l’argent sur mon compte,faute de quoi je saisirai les instances juridiques.j’ai déjà contacté ma banque.c’est du vol car j’ai jamais sollicité vos services.

    Translation by Google: “arrété immediately to take money on my account, or else I will seize the authorities juridiques.j’ already contacted my banque.c’ is flight because I ever requested your services.”

  10. These charges that came up on my debit card were NOT!!!!!!!! authorized by me or anyone i know. I have spoken to my bank and I need my money refunded to me. This is outrageous and UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!! This cannot be legal in any way. So many other people are going through this inconvenience and invasion of personal information. I have no membership with anything of this nature, which would constitute recurring monthly debits from my account. Please refund any monies taken from this account, before january 6, 2007. i would hate to have to go through legal help.

  11. There is a transaction of 36.95 that is being debit out of my account for the past four months.

  12. HI,i really dont understand why you tooke money from account? yes I WAS SUSCRIBED AT YOU COMPANY FOR ONLY

  13. 18.10.06 £39.32, 30.10.06 £21.03, 29.11.06 £20.49, 29.12.06 £20.36, what the fcuk are all these about dont now who you i want my money back, spoke to my visa company,coming to get ya!!

  14. J’aimerai savoir pourquoi vous débitez de l’argent sur mon compte alor que je ne vous ai rien demander veuillez stopper ceci et me répondre le plus rapidement possible.

    Translated by translate.google.com:
    I will like to know why you output money on my account alor that I have nothing to ask you want to stop this and to answer as soon as possible me.

  15. I check my checking account almost every other day and I found that my bank visa card was charged 36.95 twice in one day from billingagent.com. I contacted my bank immediately and they cancelled my card and refunded the money to my account. I emailed billingagent.com to find out what this was about and their reply was that they needed me to verify my username/password, order#, credit card account# and experiation date. Well I never order anything online. I dont know who or what this site is and I dont have a username/password. And there is no way in hell that I will verify my credit card number (besides I cancelled it anyway)!

  16. Hi
    This has just happened to me to and has been going on some time on my account.
    What have your outcomes been?
    I have just contacted the company via email and waiting for a reply.

    I replied to Andi but it bounced with the error “550 Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable”. Here was/is my reply.

    Good morning Andi. I recommend contacting your credit card ASAP. Especially if you are still being billed by billingagent.com. After reviewing the situation with a credit card rep the active card was canceled, a new card was issued, and all the charges were credited back to my account. They will be able to assist you. I dont believe Billingagent.com will be of much assistance. Should you have any other questions/concerns about my post don’t hesitate to ask. Good luck and have a splendid.

    PS – I wonder, how did you come about my post about billingagent.com?

  17. From: Geryl Gibbs
    Date: Jun 11, 2007 8:59 AM
    Subject: contact from the .com (via my Contact page)

    geryl gibbs wrote:
    I wish to cancel any subscription I have with you. I don’t know what it is but you are taking out of my account and I have no way to contact you but though e-mail. If you wish not to respond immediately, I would have to try other measures.

    Website: cancellation

    I wrote back to her with my standard reply – read comment #16. Odd that these keep coming in.

  18. From: Willie Smith
    Date: Jun 21, 2007 12:29 PM
    Subject: contact from the .com (via my Contact page)

    Willie Smith wrote:
    Account Reference No. 404559762 and I will be looking for a credit to appear on my next credit card statement.

    Willie Smith

    Website: Cancel Account Immediatlely
    I wrote back to Willie on June 21st with my standard reply – read comment #16.


  20. veuillez cesser immediatement de
    prelever automatiquement de l argent sur moncompte .sans cessation de votre part je serais obliger d’en referer aux services de police merci d avance

    Translated with Google language tools:
    please cease immediately
    automatically to take L money on moncompte .sans suspension of your share I would be to oblige to refer about it to the services of police force thank you D advances

  21. I dont speak good english but STOP take my maney !!! this is my maney not yours !!! I never see your pages and i dont wont to have contact !!!!! this is theft !!!

  22. I wont get back my money !!! NOW what are you doing ?? why I ask why ???!!!!!

  23. From: R Bennett
    Date: Sep 13, 2007 5:50 PM
    Subject: contact from the .com (via my Contact page)

    R Bennett wrote:
    who the hell are you and why are you charging my credit card?


    I wrote back to R Bennet on September 13th with my standard reply – read comment #16.

  24. ?????????????????????????????????????

  25. I wish to cancel any subscription I have with you.

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