7 Arrested in School Cafeteria Food Fight

Whooohooo! Madonna’s tune comes to mind. Oh how I LOOOOOVE Waterbury. “This used to be my playground.” USED TO BE! The city has become hellish to live in. Pfft, it’s awful to travel through.

Tie em up and then give the other students free reign to throw more food at em. I’d suggest forgetting to thaw out the meat before its thrown. = D It’ll leave more of an impact.

NOTE – I didn’t go to school in Waterbury. If there was a God at the ready to thank I’d be thanking and thanking and thanking.

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7 Arrested in School Cafeteria Food Fight

Fri Jun 11, 7:15 AM ET

WATERBURY, Conn. – A food fight that started with fruit cup turned into a mealtime melee, serving up a full plate of arrests and injuries.

Seven seventh-graders were arrested after a spat in a middle school cafeteria left two teachers and a detective with injuries Wednesday.

The incident began at West Side Middle School after a girl dumped a fruit cup over a boy’s head, police said. The two started fighting, then other students joined in, some jumping on tables and throwing food, police said.

“What was described as a riot situation developed in the cafeteria,” Sgt. Christopher Corbett said.

A detective and two teachers suffered minor injuries breaking up the melee.

Three girls and fours boys ranging in age from 12 to 14 were arrested on charges including breach of peace, assault and inciting a riot. All seven were released to their parents after promising to appear in juvenile court.

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