A 42 Year Old School Bus Driver + 1 Statistic = FIRED

In a wonderful move act of freedom )sarcasm( Julianne Thompson found out that sharing a statistic with students while on the clock will put your rump at home.

Parents should be watching out for their children but someone in academia needs to TEACH them that there are other influences out in the world Suck it up rents. It’s going to happen.

If a school bus driver told me that it’s been proved that sitting in the front seat can lead to death more often than sitting in the back (which would never happen because the back seat always rules) could I complain and get the driver fired? What if the driver told my kid a stat that it’s more likely that a ring tailed lemur than any god actually created the universe? Could I get them fired? Hell no! Everyone KNOWS it’s true!

Didn’t anyone realize her age! Wake up one and all – She IS the answer to the ULTIMATE QUESTION! She knows more than anyone could begin to imagine. It’s THE age we all long to reach.

Stupid Freedom of Speech.

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School Bus Driver Fired for Stem Cell Talk

Thu Dec 2,11:21 PM ET

GRAND ISLAND, N.Y. – An elementary school bus driver was fired after sharing a statistic she had read about embryonic stem cell research with students, then encouraging them to tell their parents about it.

Julianne Thompson, 42, told students in November that actor Mel Gibson had said in an article that embryonic stem cell research had not produced a single human cure in 23 years.

Some parents complained and school officials in the Buffalo suburb fired the driver.

Superintendent Thomas Ramming said employees are generally told that political and religious discussions should be confined to a classroom setting where different viewpoints can be presented.

But Thompson said there is nothing in her contract that prohibits her from expressing facts or opinions. She is considering legal action, saying officials have yet to explain why her comments were inappropriate.

“I learned that free speech is definitely not free,” Thompson said.

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