A Leaf

Another short and sweet entry. I’ve decided, it took a serious amount of time and effort mind you, that I need to flip over the leaf I’m living under to see what other leafs are out there. Why? Well, I’m tired of not being comlpetely happy with my life and myself so if there is anyone that can change that… it’s me.

So, this being a prank day normally, I need to say this is no joke. It’s time I took control of my life again and seriously enjoyed it. With that I welcome you to a happy land of sweets. Mmmmm, desert anyone? No? Tis oki… BIIIIG DIPPPPER then????? That’s right. Hoo-ha!

04-01-2004 09:08 am

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  1. Can I be the one to have some Big Dipper with you? 🙂

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