A Letter to You: A letter to you:

Ohayo, good mornin’ and probably long time no talk/see. Yea, I’ve been really bad these past couple months with hanging out, seeing, or even catching up via instant messenger. Well, soon enough, about 6 weeks I’ll be finishing up my three classes and play(s) – aka the semester ends – and time will rear it’s head back into my life. = D

Why am I doing this mass email style? As you can possibly begin to see with the above information I’ve been strapped for time. Plays, acting classes, etc. take up a considerable amount of time due to the nature of the theater.

Ah, life, it’s such a wonderful and taxing thing. I feel like I’m living within a quote that I can’t quite remember from a movie I enjoy every time I see it – The Devil’s Advocate. The topic of pressure is discussed and the simple point is some people focus and others crack. Recently I’ve felt as though I’ve been doing both. To me, that’s not acceptable. I want to crack under the pressure. I want to split at the seams.

= P

Of course that’s far from the truth. I strive for as much perfection in my life as possible as most of my friends would and could attest to. If I’m going to do something, damn it, I want to do it right. None of this half ass stuff. Eff that.

So where was I before I took the this connecting train… Ah yes, Where have I been and what have I been up to…

Let’s start with the basic stuff – I’ve moved out of my apartment into the basement of Ali’s parents place with Ali. Who is Ali? My girlfriend and soon to be co-purchaser of an apartment that is less than 1 mile from Sarah Lawrence (the same employer – yes, something remained the same).

I’m taking three “modules” (SLC is a unique place that’s all I’ll say) this semester – Acting the Poetic Text, Plays that Could Change a Nation, and Directing Shakespeare. I’m acting in the 1st and 3rd modules mentioned and reading plays from the 20th century in the 2nd. It’s quite a bit I must say. When I told someone from the first class that I worked 40 hours a week she looked at me with a perplexed look and asked “Really?! How?” I’m not sure my answer is as accurate now and it was then. Hence my email to you and you and you…

I’ve added a play and a lil something called an “Executive Board” to the list. I’m working on Chekhov’s ‘The Marriage Proposal’ at SLC and have been working on the website for New Zenith Theater along with a group of 17 others. Whoo! Things are rockin!

So, the apartment thing is in full motion now. We’re waiting on the sellers to sign and then it’s all financial stuff that’ll remain. Curious to see the place? Well, you’ve have to wait along with us because we’re not moving in until 7/1 at the earliest. BUT, you can check on the site – yes I’m still geeking out whenever possible – at http://11o1.us There isn’t much on the site but you can see the layout and how far work (#1) and home (#2) are from each other. = )

Mari, my roomate at 134, is moving out to Cali for those of you that know her. If you want to say hello/ciao now is better than tomorrow for she may be gone soon. = \\ Though, tis a great oppotunity! Ganbatte Mari!

This may sound weak because it is in email form but I really do miss seeing you and felt that I should tell you why I’ve been so hard to reach and so poor with staying in touch lately. Moving is hella-frustrating, time consuming, and tiring. Oy! Thanks to pop, lin, ali, ian, and al for all your help.

Oh, and one more thing that’s happened… My best friend had published a new book! I am fortunate enough to have been a part of the original cast of the play but now the book is available for all to read! How’d this affect me? Remember that geek comment above? Well… Doug, Brian, and I put together a site for his book. Take a peek at the site – http://rememberinghypatia.com – and then pick up the book at Amazon.com. He’s a local writer that’s published so every single copy means something. I’ll loan out my copy if you’d like it; after I read it!

Seriously though, every copy means something. If you’re curious or know something that would be interested in reading about Hypatia, the last librarian of the Great Library of Alexandria, and what life was like back in this era — go ahead and put one in your shopping cart. = )

Well, I think that about wraps it up for now… D’oh! Here’s, I think, the last bit-o-news. I’m writing to you from a Apple PowerBook. Yes! I have joined the masses that are streaming to Apple products. It’s finally worthwhile. Yup! I’m now in the Apple world. Wierd.

I’m still online at – http://garyploski.com – and have been doing my best to stay up to date with everything that is happening in my life and the outside world. I’m behind on a few things. And there are some of you that I would like to open a dialog up with again because I miss chatting, hanging out, etc. I’m on AIM – gploski or shhimtrying2work, Yahoo – garyploski, and my cell (the number hasn’t changed)

I hope all is well in your neck of the woods. If you’re in the area please give me a holla and let me know so we can try to get together. W3rd! I’m sorry I chose the method of mass e-mail. Hopefully this will give me a good kick in the arse to stay in touch with you better. Chichichi-a



03-30-2005 12:31 am

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