A Nice Walk

While I planned out a nice walk from 11o1 to Starbucks in Bronxville on this gorgeous day I watched my iPod update. iTunes was sucking up the CPUs, Batman Beyond Season 2 was 2 hours away from completion, and I’d moved a whole bunch of files to the share drive so I could pull some stuff over to my PB. Everything seemed hunky dori.

I thought “Hmm, what can I close to free up some CPUs… ZoneAlarm.” Click Click. “Ah whatever. It’s not sucking up that much from the CPU. I’ll close the window after it loads.”

A few minutes later I had a warning pop up

NT Authority has terminated lsass.exe; code -1073741818

A timer counting down from 60 began the moment the window appeared.

I closed the torrent and ejected the iPod even though it hadn’t finished expecting, well, expecting the PC to reboot.


I’ve spent the past few hours Frankenstein-ing one PC, updating a 2000 Server installation and will soon wipe out a RedHat installation with XP so I can copy over any files in the boot partition of my master PC.

There is no simple emoticon to express the frutration I have at the moment. Grumble, grumble, grumble.

On a happy note… Orientation was the smoothest it’s been in my 3 years at SLC. Suh-weet! Things are changing for the better and I’m a part of it! Damn it feels good.

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  1. I like the images of Dali…

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