A Quick Entry

Seeing as how I’m going to be in CT until at least 0030 tomorrow I’m going to be quick and to the point in this post.

Things have been so fantastically happy with life. Of course, as many of my painful earlier posts also speak of, my back is tense. Very tense. Probably the most tense it’s ever been. I actually feel old moving around sometimes because it’s so tight. BUT! After the past couple days, lets say one and a half weeks for fun, everything is loosening up. Phew. Had it continued on much longer I think I would have taken some sort of drug to ease the tension.


It’s so damn’d early but ‘my girl’ and I will be venturing to CT after work to support BT in New Haven and then to scurry up to Hartford for an inspirational speech by Josh Whedon. Oh yea, and Serenity! =D SCORE!

I’m a gee dee happy friggin y chromosome. Hot damn. My dad was trying to be kind and fatherly when he said to me recently that I should enjoy it while it lasts cause it doesn’t last. I let him know I’d been conscious of such things but already found myself enjoying the eff out of my life right now. Things can get worse. Of course. But the thing most people seem to forget is the other side of the coin… I can get better too.

And I think it’s just gonna keep on keepin on.

How so? How’s about jump number 3 for my 30th on 8/20? The list has already begun. Let er rip!

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