A snowy weekend in NY

Heh heh hehe “You better!”

I’m going to back track a little bit to Friday and Saturday before I explain what that means. lol. Other than it’s pathetic and funny.

Friday eve I got to chill in the city with someone from the NEW ZENITH company – Lindsey O. We watched PI – rockin flic which was released in ’97. For some reason it feels like an older film to me but that could just be because I gradutated Uni. that same year. Hmm. So we were up till 330 ish or maybe it was 4, then again 430 sounds familiar too. Needless to say… it was a LATE night/seriously EARLY morning. Totally the way a weekend should start.

Saturday was snow filled, just as Friday had been snow filled. Oh yes… forgot that it took me about 45min + to get home from work. Mind you that’s all of 1.8 miles. Traffic was HORRIBLE, but I found a back way that took all of 15 min through Bronxville. = O

So Saturday I sat around at home, watched the Hulk, and experimented with LotR:Risk. Then… in a wild fit of passion… I went to sleep.

LOL, okay so I went outside to shovel out my car. LOL, so while I’m shoveling I was putting the snow onto a larger pile of snow. If you’ve ever seen the one way streets of NY you’d know that there is NOWHERE to put the snow except for 2 places. 1 – the street and 2 – between the sidewalk and the street. #1 makes little sense as putting snow in the street would make it hazardous for drivers to safely cruise down the road and #2 is limited with space.

I went with option #2 because there are no clear indicators that plows would be by anytime this week to move the piles of snow that are between all the cars. So I’m shoveling and shoveling and shoveling. I’d say I was about 70% done with the shoveling when some guy pops his head out of his door and yells to me. The conversation went something like this:

Angry Older Man – Hey! You don’t shovel the snow onto the sidewalk you put it in the street!

Me – If I may sir…

AOM – You don’t….

Me – If I MAY sir… If I put the snow into the street it will either cause a problem for other drivers or be put right back on the side by the plows.
AOM – Well you don’t put the snow onto the sidewalk that we shoveled.

Me – Sir, I had every intention of shoveling off the little snow that is there.

AOM – (slightly hesitating, then with frustration/anger) Well you better!

Me – Thank you for the argument sir.

And with that he went inside all flustered. I laugh because all he had to say was: “Hey there, would you mind cleaning off the sidewalk after you finish shoveling out your car?” To which I almost certainly would have replied “Oh, definitely, sorry about that.” Even though I seriously had planned on cleaning it off. Ahhhhh yes (shaking head), the worries we all have. LOL

Okay, I’ll end with a rediculously awesome note that is only relevant at THIS moment in time. Only 8 days 21 hours 52 minutes and 30 seconds until Trilogy Tueday starts!!!! HAHAHHAAHHA

12-07-2003 03:22 pm

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