A True Snow Ball Effect

After delivering my monologue in class today I was told the following! “I think you’re all set. We can definitely put this to sleep.” WOW! Happily there were some suggestions but it wasn’t related to the text per se. Instead it was pointed out to me that I dropped various sounds: z’s, v’s, g’s t’s ñ all to varying degrees during the monologue. I’m stoked to know that he’s (Micheal) going to give me some exercises to work on these sounds!

Hot damn it felt good! I honestly don’t know of another time in my life where I’ve felt this connected to acting. I’m feeling pain, excitement, fear, compassion, etc without the need to FOCUS on a thought or experience in my life. I’m simply taking these written experiences from the page and funneling it through me empowering it with my own choices and intentions.

I knew I was ready to experience new emotion after months and months and months of self dissection (nods to Avenga and Emma for their help, input, etc.) I’m actually able to see my self doubts so clearly that I’m able to pin point WHERE they came from! I’ve been able to see my calmness and ability to listen to others and accept other’s opinions while flat out disagreeing with them with ease lately.

I’m okay, you’re okay inDEED!

Nervous energy is coursing through me this early morning knowing that this is the day we choose who will lead us for the next four years. I’m painfully worried and excited at the same time. Work will be interesting I’m thinking. How many people will get ANYTHING accomplished during the day. Seriously. Well, I guess it will be a short day for most ñ 9-2ish ñ at that point numbers will be revealed. At least that’s what I be tinkin.

AH! I have to note something mucho-mega-buck-rockin that happened in the gym while working on the incline bench press. YESSAH! Take two 60 lb, and two 65 lb weights and proceed to go through a set of 10 reps with the 60 lb weights. Follow that up with 10 reps using the 65 lb weights. Finish up with 8 reps using the 65 lb weights again. HOOOOOOHA! Hells yes! Breaking down the wall! 65 friggin pounds!

That’s only 30 pounds off my weight. AND, this is with free weights. ROCK! Slow and steady has HOT DAMN well been winning this race. I feel AMAZINGLY INTENSE physically. My abs are kickin ass with a new method I’ve been doing for about 3-4 weeks now and AND! OH I forgot about this.. My left arm is starting to catch up to my right arm. Big emphasis on starting to catch up. It’s got a long road ahead of it. 0= ) 40 lb seated bicep curls have been proving extremely effective since I bumped up the weight from 30 to 40 lbs. It’s hella difficulty but it sure is providing results! And bingo was his name-o.

Hmm. Yea. Ha! So mucha da gewd. So mucha-da.

Congrats to the Woodland High School Girls Varsity Soccer Team for winning your FIRST NVL Championship! Hats of to the Keepah! Meg… Haha. She truly impressed me with her game play this past weekend. I’m glad I got to see her play. My fingers are crossed in hopes that she’ll find a desire to play in college. It’d be such a shame to let her talent fade off because of… well, “political reasons” cough her coach only playing her Ω of every game but one during her senior year cough cough. = D At least I hide my thought somewhere between those coughs. Er… I mean it’s good that ONLY the coughs were noticed.

ALRIGHT! Time for a monologue and then bed.

Hamlet, Act III, Scene II
A hall in the castle.
Enter HAMLET and Players

HAMLET Speak the speech, I pray you, as I pronounced it to you, trippingly on the tongue: but if you mouth it, as many of your players do, I had as lief the town-crier spoke my lines. Nor do not saw the air too much with your hand, thus, but use all gently; for in the very torrent, tempest, and, as I may say, the whirlwind of passion, you must acquire and beget a temperance that may give it smoothness. O, it offends me to the soul to hear a robustious periwig-pated fellow tear a passion to tatters, to very rags, to split the ears of the groundlings, who for the most part are capable of nothing but inexplicable dumbshows and noise: I would have such a fellow whipped for o’erdoing Termagant; it out-herods Herod: pray you, avoid it.

First Player I warrant your honour.

HAMLET Be not too tame neither, but let your own discretion be your tutor: suit the action to the word, the word to the action; with this special o’erstep not the modesty of nature: for any thing so overdone is from the purpose of playing, whose end, both at the first and now, was and is, to hold, as ’twere, the mirror up to nature; to show virtue her own feature, scorn her own image, and the very age and body of the time his form and pressure. Now this overdone, or come tardy off, though it make the unskilful laugh, cannot but make the judicious grieve; the censure of the which one must in your allowance o’erweigh a whole theatre of others. O, there be players that I have seen play, and heard others praise, and that highly, not to speak it profanely, that, neither having the accent of Christians nor the gait of Christian, pagan, nor man, have so strutted and bellowed that I have thought some of nature’s journeymen had made men and not made them well, they imitated humanity so abominably.

First Player I hope we have reformed that indifferently with us, sir.

HAMLET O, reform it altogether. And let those that play your clowns speak no more than is set down for them; for there be of them that will themselves laugh, to set on some quantity of barren spectators to laugh too; though, in the mean time, some necessary question of the play be then to be considered: that’s villanous, and shows a most pitiful ambition in the fool that uses it. Go, make you ready.Nike said it best “Just do it” Or was that Jonathan Larson “No day but today.” Or was it an unknown “Don’t cry because its over, smile because it happened.” Well, whomever it was I know that I’ve finally found inner peace. Acceptance of one’s traits and faults is an excessively difficult task. To walk the road takes risk. To live it takes courage. To face and accept the past requires time and help. Ignoring it requires fear and denial, making it your own and taking it with you as you move forward is profound. I’m ready to take another step…




Or three. Thump to the tempur says me body.

11-02-2004 01:47 am

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