Adventure in Weather in NYC

To my knowledge heat has always been a force I could not battle well. I’ve won as many battles as the Red Sox have won championships. Heat + me = incapacitated. Hmm, I should probably add humidity into that equation.

Heat + humidity + me = ground sloth.

That’s more like it.

Due to this wave that’s flooded the US recently my body has been nearly useless and my mind is beginning to lose grip.

Ironically yesterday, or the day before I don’t recall at this moment I had planned to write a reflection on how wonderful and lucky I was in my present state. Gushing is probably a better word. For whatever reason, “hey joe, waitin on an order of more heat and humidity!,” I lost the thought(s). Insert grumble here. Well, thanks to another workshop I have been offered another opportunity to get away from the daily routine. It is presently 8:41 AM and in place of sitting at my desk preparing for the day I’m heading south bound on Metro-North – city bound.


The workshop? “Creation and Evaluation of Online Tutorials” Somehow I fit into this audience Instructional librarians, web librarians, reference librarians, library managers Pre-requisites: understanding of basic HTML and CSS.

0= ) A full day to review the tool that is known as ‘online’. Ahhh. HTML, CSS, and all you other 0’1 & 1’s here I come. Ahh. New ideas. It should be a mentally awakening and relaxing day.

Of course, since I’ll be in the Grand Central area, aka IN Grand Central, I must do what every good fanboy should do… Stop by Midtown Comics!

Details, details, details:
Midtown Comics Grand Central
459 Lexington Avenue (Corner of 45th Street)
New York, NY 10017

New Avengers #’s 2 & 3?! Will fortune, or luck, smile upon me today?

8:48, the captain has just leapt from his command post. The evil Sauron has entrusted all his armor to the Pink Panther. I know what is to come. I’m going to close my PB and do a set of vocal warm-ups with everyone on the train. Very nice. Very nice.

So, from all of us at Ickby’s… Have a monumentally megalomaniacal mystery Wednesday.

Gasp! After all… It is new comic book day. = O

The day’s schedule has changed.

Looks like I was just handed a “Get Out of Jail Free” card! Somehow I was not added to the list-o-peeps for the workshop. Grr and Wee! It’s hot, my eyes look HORRIBLE, but I was told to take the afternoon off by the boss man. Hey now, hey now. Off I go!

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