After a LONG Night of Clean-up…

After a LONG night of clean-up my mind decided to pur some thoughts into text. Here are some things in my life that are making me smile… BIG.

1 – The future of 134

Here comes a Wireless LAN, iBook, PowerBook, Emma, California, and more!

2. Taxes. Yes! Taxes.

H&R Block has brought smiles to my face that were VERY much not expected. Ahh, PowerBook w/10.4 here I come

3. A real vacation to the Dominican Republic!

The last time I ventured to someplace warm for a vacation was in Japan when I visited an onsen. This time I won’t need to step into hot water to be warm. I’ll be stepping into warm/cool water to cool off!

Volleyball, frisbee, etc. Heheheheh!


4. Germany ’06!

I’ve been planning this since the last World Cup. Who could have predicted I would visit Germany AND Scotland. It just keeps getting better and better and better.

02-03-2005 09:07 am

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