Airline Passenger Finds Frog in Her Salad

I think this lil froggy must have seen “The Triplets of Belleville” and thought it had to escape.

Poor guy just wanted to flee from their fishing technique. Such a wonderfully peculiar idea. Ice cream sticks anyone? Frog on a stick? = O

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Airline Passenger Finds Frog in Her Salad
Tue May 4, 7:26 AM ET

WELLINGTON, New Zealand – Australian carrier Qantas said Tuesday it has changed its lettuce supplier after a passenger on a flight from Melbourne to Wellington found a live frog in her greens.

The one-inch Australian whistling tree frog didn’t get a chance to hop away. The woman plunked the lid back on her meal preventing any escape.

The Qantas plane’s crew notified the Quarantine Service while the plane was still in the air and officials were waiting when it landed at Wellington Airport.

“I’m afraid the frog was euthanized” in a freezer, service general manager Fergus Small told National Radio.

Quarantine officials made a check of the airplane “but no other frogs were detected,” he said.

A Qantas spokesman told National Radio that the airline had changed its supplier since the February incident. Tree frogs were common in the area where the lettuce was grown.

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