All Together at Last!

Since 1997 I’ve been watching the world and penning my reactions and thoughts to what I have seen and experiences I have had. So many goods and equally as many not so good.

Over the years I have been searching for the right tool to use for my needs. I eventually learned about phpnuke which seemed to suite my needs. Pictures became a part of my life which brough me to gallery. I was done. All I would need to do was install updates and use the new features contained within.
I thought I was done.

Someone, J5, introduced me to mambo, which eventually split into to creating Joomla!… Ahhh! I chose you, uh… enni, meeni, mini, mo… Joomla! & Gallery. With the release of Joomla! 1.5 on the horizon I figured I’d stick with Joomla! and Gallery but there was that other thing out in the ether of the net still… All my journals/blogs at blogspot!

Inside my brain did scream. I swear I heard it.

After reading information on how to create a Joomla! template and reading up on yet another server app – wordpress – I made a decision. It was time, finally, to put it all together. At last, everything would be in one database. At last!

This is that effort. Over the past few days I have been working through code and reading support forums. Now, after days and nights worth of time invested I present to the net, and myself, a super easy to use site with my thoughts, my links, my info, my pix, etc. It’s all here. It’s all here.

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