Alt+Her Teaser Trailer

I am  incredibly proud to present to you a teaser trailer for a the most recent film I directed for during the 2014 48 Hour Film Project in Portland, OR – Alt+Her.

The short came out of a goal to meet creatives in my new home, PDX, and it turned out to be one of the best creative decisions I’ve made to date. The team was made up mostly of people who had never heard of each other before the flurry of emails that began the week before the project was set to kick off and yet you would have thought they’d known each other for years. It was an honor to be among such talented and professional people.

Alt+Her premieres Thursday evening at The Hollywood Theatre in Portland, OR and I cannot begin to explain how excited I am.


Maggie tells a vivid account of the brutal assault of a star runner in her neighborhood, but her counselor requests one more thing: the whole truth.


Cast and Crew

  • Director: Gary Ploski
  • Writer: Shawn Sorensen
  • Producers: Gary Ploski, Tyler Rhys Robertson, Audrey Walker

Cast (in order of appearance)

  • Maggie: Jessica Geffen
  • Dr. Perkins: Dan Liu
  • Tina DuMonde/Customer: Alexis Miller
  • Pedestrian/Customer: Nevan Richard
  • Pedestrian/Customer: Darian Liu
  • Passenger/Customer: Mathew Bostrom
  • Driver/Customer: Scott Kelly
  • Rapist: Gary Ploski


  • Cinematographers: Spencer Alexander, Fer Klug
  • Editors: Gary Ploski, Tyler Rhys Robertson
  • Motion Graphics: James Brown, Michal Trzaska
  • Make-up: Amy Young
  • Sound: Lisa Yimm


  • Jamie Woolsey

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