And now, more waiting

GP (9:45:52 AM): calling rob’s (note: our lawyer)
AB (9:46:28 AM): cool

GP (9:48:26 AM): just spoke with sarah (note: rob’s paralegal). . she said sometimes the confirmation is mailed sometimes it is faxed
GP (9:48:53 AM): so we may know today or tomorrow. more likely tomorrow than today. then again maybe monday. who knows
AB (9:49:08 AM): argh!
AB (9:49:10 AM): who knows!
AB (9:49:13 AM): ah!!!!!!!!
AB (9:49:20 AM): i shouldn’t think about the apt
AB (9:49:22 AM): it’s bad for me
GP (9:49:32 AM): heh. s’all good.
GP (9:49:36 AM): we’ll know soon enough
AB (9:50:16 AM): indeed we will.

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