And We're Rolling…

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition defines better as:
More advantageous or favorable; improved

That about sums up how things are at this moment.

Better and better and better and better and better and better…

It’s as though things are going exactly as planned. Bwaaahahaha!

Today I found myself on the phone in complete aw. Me pop rang me up just to thank me for getting together with him for Breakfast. First things first… = O After grasping the reality of the situation I was able to have a great conversation with him about how people have very little respect for our occupations of choice. It’s all too true that it’s a blessing and a curse to know how to repair cars and computers because nearly everyone has either or both. Ha! I had a chat with pop about work stress and it was a two way chat at that! Heeeheeeheee. = D

The iPod is rocking on! At present the total listening time is 6.1 days (2045 song). I’ve finally reached the M’s. This’ll take a while with Megadeth and Metallica in the mix. There are far too many albums from those gents. After that… yipes, the N’s and P’s. And yet I gl33. Gl33 gl33 gl33.


Hmmm… too much dust on the desk. I should do something about that tomorrow eve. Actually, too much stuff in general. Icky bills hovering around calling for my attention. = D One will go away foh’evah this week though. Lalala! Squeeee!

Alice, Emma and I found our way back to the dangerous place yesterday — Woodbury Commons. I held off from spending money! LMAO! Riiiight. I was planning on purchasing this fine piece o-tech along with the iPod but waiting due to possible compatibility with the iPod photo. Fortune smiled upon the two devices so they’re cooperating presently providing me with clean background music (by Anthrax presently). Ahh. It’s so small and cute. Bose, what a company. It’s not perfect but it does what it was designed to do – plays music with ultimate ease. I couldn’t believe the instructions were so brief that they were printed on the inner folds of the packaging. Four lil’ol steps until… boom and crash went the drums. Quoting Strong Bad – "Very nice, very nice"

Ah, also on yesterday’s agenda was Avenga’s first Dinner Party. The result? I cry – success! Getting people to leave the city isn’t easy. They seem to feel that anything outside the "city" is in the middle of nowhere. Of course this is ridiculous but they just can’t help themselves down from their box. Stand down peeps, Avenga kicked your ass with her eggplant. Didn’t see it coming did ya! Haaha. It was a good time to be had by pretty much everyone. Sadly a stomach and a brain were working on their owners a little more than expected for my shopping companions. Who’s what was bothering who? Guess I’ll be the only one of three to know this lil tid bit. La la la to you I say. Yes, la la la. Congrats Avenga! You did’d good.

Class has broken into scene work. It’s as though we’re mini-directing which is quite entertaining because both people are trying to figure out who will be the "director". Fortunately it has been fairly collaborative so far which is what I expected since it is scene work and not a show. THAT would be a different story altogether I think I think.

Since it’s broken the 1AM hour I will put my brains into stand-by mode and let the rest of the world exist without me for a bit. Ganbatte world!

11-30-2004 01:03 am

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