And Yet More Revelations

Wow, it’s been a week since I last put my thoughts out here for people to read. Someone might call that slacking off. I think I call it… something else. I just don’t know what it is yet. Read on, maybe I’ll have an answer for you.

Mudda’s day, Boston, retirement, and a Witch on Blackbird Pond have all occupied my mind since last week. All have been very positive but they have been QUITE time consuming, which I guess is pretty darn good thing.

I was able to go to Boston with a bunch of friends (group pic is in the gallery 2004/May/Boston) this past weekend which was quite cool. The Museum of Science was AMAZING! Kids should be able to go there DAILY! An absolutely WONDERFUL place to learn about science. Medieval Manor provideded wonderful entertainment and dinner. Sadly I left with a POUNDING headache. This meant I was pretty much KO’d for the night. I slept all the way back and then slept until 9 the next morning. I was quite bummed. Damn muscle pains in the head. sigh

Mudda’s day was good… and bad. Then again, time with Mudda and Gram is always good so that should just be a given. The interesting time was when we went to Honey’s place where I saw… Honey, Dziadz, Kevin, and Keith! I had a Joey Lawrence moment – “WHOA!” Sadly I learned that Dziadz isn’t doing all that well. = ( He told me that he had a stroke about 3 weeks ago and found out that his heart is only operating at about 15%. = Aparantly he had a heart attack some time ago and didn’t know it. That attack left scars which then led to the stroke. So this is kind of a shout out to Dziadz!

Keep on fightin Dziadz! It was great seeing you the other day and I’m looking forward to seeing you soon! ROCK!

Okay, so it was a LITERAL shout out to him. 0=)

Ed W. has asked me to read, READ, the part of Nat in A Witch on Blackbird Pond. This means I’ve been driving to and from CT a couple times. ONLY a couple times though. Since it’s a reading I’m smiling the whole time. If this were a full scale production I think my mind and body would think differently. Happy times when Ed asks me to be a part of a read. Sing and dance. Sing and dance. = D

Retirement. It seems like such a long way off… 35+ years. Oy, I’m not even 30 and I’m planning ahead more than double my lifespan. What’s up with that? Education. I’ve learned that it only makes sense to plan ahead from others so I’m not going to make the same mistake. What does that mean? Well, depending on how the summer goes I may be investing into a place of my own. No more of this renting stuff.

This is all dependent on the new Theater guy here at SLC. If I’m not able to enroll officially into the Grad Program I won’t stay in the area for the 2-3 more years like I expected. Where I’ll go from here? …easy yo, like I said, it all depends on what happens this summer. Anyhow, that’s the sitrep here at 134. Much (possible) changes on the horizon. Where I’ll be and what I’ll be doing… WOW! Talk about hefty stuff. It’s all so exciting! HAHAHAHA!


05-13-2004 02:04 pm

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