Another Weather Update at 14,000 Feet

The bad news:
Sat Aug 13 Isolated T-Storms 92°/73° 30% change of precipitation.

The good news:
8am Isolated T-Storms 76°F 80°F 30% 72°F 87% From SSW 6 mph
9am Isolated T-Storms 78°F 82°F 30% 72°F 82% From SSW 6 mph
10am Partly Cloudy 81°F 87°F 20% 73°F 77% From SSW 7 mph
11am Partly Cloudy 84°F 90°F 20% 73°F 69% From SSW 8 mph
12pm Partly Cloudy 87°F 95°F 20% 73°F 63% From SW 8 mph
1pm Isolated T-Storms 89°F 97°F 30% 73°F 59% From SW 9 mph

Why is this good news? We’re slated for 8am which means we won’t hit the mat until 9 am. According to we’ll all be hitting ground from 14,000 feet! Sk-Ore!

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