Antiquing and Guests

Yesterday Plosk and I went to New Jersey to do some antiquing. We saw many things our hearts desired but only one large item made its way home with us. The first shop we went into had a beautiful oak bookcase- which is one of the items we’ve been dying to add to the apartment. After looking around the rest of the shops and not seeing anything remotely comparable, we used the 100 dollar gift certificate, our 15% off coupon, and magically fit this large bookcase into the back of my hatchback. Granted, some suffering had to take place. Plosk and my seats were up as far as they would go and the bookcase barely fit. The hour and and half drive back from Jersey was not fun, but the pain went away when we got the bookcase into the apartment and it looked great. Later that evening I was able to finally put my books out. Thank goodness.

About 20 minutes after walking in the door and shoving some food into our mouths Brian and Lauren, our first weekend guests arrived. We played Monopoly, went swimming, watched some Firefly, ate yummy cpk, and hung out for a good 28 hours. Having people come to visit is one of the reason’s we wanted this apartment. And it has proved to be a successful goal Next weekend, Ploski’s mom is going to come and help us paint. I’ve already had Lori, Rita, Dan, my brother and parents over to the place. And our soon to be announced House Warming party is next on the list. Happily, all is going in the direction we had hoped for.

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