Apple + Service = Lacking

Simply put Apple’s customer support/service is horribly lacking. I’ve waiting a total of approximately 35 minutes from Friday-Sunday, on hold, while someone checked to see if my laptop was in the store. THE STORE! How big is the store!? Maybe they train their employees to run 1/64 of a mile in 10 minutes which explains why it’s been so hard to get an answer. Emma was able to reach someone and was asked, as I was each time, “Did someone call you?” She answered straight forward and directly – No you ground sloth! Now fetch me the information! Information! I need information!

Okay, so she didn’t say that, but she was able to gather this much… 12″ PowerBook… To store… Sent… Arrived… Not yet… Still, not yet… and… Not yet again. Sigh. Wishin the PB was here for me to abuse but I’ve got my desktop available to me (not that I’ve used it much since the HDD died and I’ve been reinstalling everything.

On a GREATLY positive note… emma, Alice and I saw THE PILLOWMAN! I love that show! Damn, damn, damn fine piece of work. Must get play, must read play many times. Ahh, stories so tasty. So tasty! Mmm! Ever wondered what you’d leave behind? How about the idea that your pain will become something greater and more important than you ever could ever imagine? Or, have you just wanted to hear a neat story, or 7 neat stories? The Writer and the Writers Brother, Little Jesus, The Green Pig, Apple Men, of course The Pillowman, etc! It’s almost like sitting around a camp fire at night with smores in hand except there is no fire, it’s indoors, and you can’t eat smores in the Booth Theater! It’s that similar! YES! Hot damn this play is dark, twisted, hilarious, painful, sad, and hopeful. Alice said something to the effect of ‘I didn’t like the play! It made me think about myself damnit.’ She very much liked the play of course.

If, IF, you are interested in the arts, are a writer, need a little self awakening, or anything in between drop the bills and see the show. The rough bit is that the run is about to end here in NYC. So sad. Happily I saw it in London and NYC. London’s cast kicked the NYC’s cast ASS HANDEDLY! There was no contest. It was tighter, it was funnier, and it felt more real. NYC’s cast was pushing the dialog to fast, trying for laughs, and not allowing themselves into the text which carried most of them through the entire show. Of the 4 main actors Crudup was the best… Though mainly when he told the stories. During the highly emotional scenes he was blatantly faking his tears. Alas. What matters is I saw the show. Again. With emma. With Alice. = D

Now, it’s late, after a day of hiking up Sleeping Giant with BT, Lauren, and emma on his 31st (moikkai… otanjoibiomedetogozaimasukamisama) I find that I’m not exhausted but I know full well how busy I’ll be this week. Whoohoo!

Tomorrow slate: Breaking the Code with… Streetcar Named Desire.

Hot damn. My second post in less than a week. Does this mean I’m finding time to write at leisure again!? I wonder.

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