April 1998 – email11

From: Gary Ploski
4/23/98 0:02
Subject: tonight… : )
To: Brian Trusewicz

BIG OL’ SMILE TIME! Bri, just so you know… I’m standing in line, waiting to pay my bill. There is a long line, but it seems to be getting shorter as each day goes by… how about that. I look fwd to hearing how it goes tonight. I’ll include the poem again just in case you don’t have it available to you. ACtually, use this one because I made a few little changes to it. Thanks bri. I’m really looking fwd to hearing how this thing goes. ciao cito

Take me to the river and throw me in….

You took me to the river and threw me in. Then you left me without warning. I surface and see soft steps in wet marsh    leading away, occasionally stopping for a look back. I’m lost, where are you? Where am I? What’s this stuff around me?    It’s not water, can’t be, tastes to… I look up again and wonder why you left. Was it to good of something to stay in? Was it an influence of another? The river, flows around me and from me. The tastes are now bitter and sweet. The ground around me seems to rise. Until….. it’s gone. Now I know why you threw me in… It’s easier to do what you’ve done if you can’t see me. The weight around my ankles have made your departure swift.    Or so it seems right now. I sink down, lower and lower, hoping for someone… ANYONE to cut it free. Who will it be? I guess I’ll have to wait and see. My river of tears will flow, for it’s the best thing I’ve lost.

Dedicated to “origin of mankind”

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