April 1998 – email2

From: Gary Ploski
4/7/98 8:14
Subject:Re: What’s up?
To: Brian Trusewicz

    Dude… I have got to tell you that I am now very excited about the 22nd. Honetly, over the past week things have been deteriorating. Now that I am ‘seeing’ Hisae she’s acting so much like our favorite person “mature” person from the Pals lab. Remember?  (Im)

        Honestly Bri, this is hillarious. She seems angry that I’m actually taking advantage of this situation. I think it to be one of the funniest things. I am sooooooo curious to her reaction regarding the poem. As of this moment… they’re probably be no reaction, and that will perfectly explain things to me.

        Bri, she’s a different person. I have no clue who she is now. She’s not the same person that we met last year, she’s somehow much different. Actually, that is incorrect, she is no one I know. My thoughts…. “Oh well… check please.”  If it stays along the lines or continues down the same route…. this relationship…. will not last any longer than a newly born shape shifter can handle a silver knife dug deep into it’s body.  Graphic no…. : )

        Yeah Bri… looks as if I’m gonna be able to date ppl upon my return. Who’s making this happen? In complete honestly, it’s her. Bri, the check is in the hand and I have arisen up from the table.. Ohh who is that I see at the door? I know who they are… and hmmm….. i wonder if they’re single….

        life goes on bri. You’re not going to see a horribly angry, disappointed, love torn, sad GDP upon my return. TO quote… sorry bout this… ACE OF BASE. ohhh, how could it be? “I will survive, with out you” bri, with that… I bid you a “let’s get the schedule out and get ready to go out to the restaurant. Oh yeah, sounds cooooool! with that… have a crazy day. ciao cito

        humbly your firend,


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